Wallabies Beware!

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Wallabies Beware!
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
Released6 September 2016
RecordedJuly 2014 - 4 August 2016
Isle of Berneray
The Bedroom
Nimbin, Byron Bay & Uki, Australia
Drum and Bass
Space Rock
ProducerScott Harwood
Previous albumB5AB6 (2016)
This albumWallabies Beware! (2016)
Next albumtbc

Wallabies Beware! is the twenty-eighth album created by Scott Harwood. The album will be distributed on the Shedpop label. Wallabies Beware! is the third part of Harwood's Australia Trilogy.


In contrast to most of Harwood's previous albums, which usually took one or two days to record and release, Wallabies Beware! took over two years. The album was mostly composed in Harwood's van in Australia.

The full album was released on YouTube on the 6th of September 2016, however the title track, Pipe Dreams and I'm Sorry were all released earlier.

Production on the album was completed on the 4 August 2016 after long delays.


Wallabies Beware! is a concept album documenting Harwood's time in Australia.

"Pipe Dreams" is a cover originally created by Hawkwind under the name 'Psychedelic Warriors'. The cover originally appeared on Harwood's Pipe Dreams EP.

"Wallabies Beware!" is a drum and bass track.

"Siphon-Proof Fence" is a short industrial track.

"Tír nan Óg" is an ambient track.

"Setting Fire to Green Plants and Inhaling the Resultant Acrid Fumes" is a cosmic ambient track - the title of which refers to the consumption of cannabis.

"Song of the Albino Submariner" is a slow rock song characterised by the usage of a cello.

"Containerisation For Your Consideration" is a melodic ambient piece.

"I'm Sorry" is Harwood's collaboration with Daevid Allen - a long space-rock piece originally composed on the island of Berneray in 2013.


The album makes heavy use of (often heavily-modified) samples.

Wallabies Beware!

  • Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

Setting Fire to Green Plants and Inhaling the Resultant Acrid Fumes

  • Easy Star All-Stars - "Money"

I'm Sorry

  • Gong - "Mystic Sister" & "Fredfish"

Track listing

All tracks were written by Scott Harwood unless specified.

  1. "Pipe Dreams" (11:50) (Dave Brock)
  2. "Wallabies Beware!" (10:27)
  3. "Siphon-Proof Fence" (04:28)
  4. "Tír nan Óg" (04:11)
  5. "Setting Fire to Green Plants and Inhaling the Resultant Acrid Fumes" (03:37)
  6. "Song of the Albino Submariner" (04:13)
  7. "Containerisation For Your Consideration" (08:55)
  8. "I'm Sorry" (12:42) (Daevid Allen, Scott Harwood)


  • Scott Harwood
    • Native Instruments Reaktor 5
    • GarageBand for iPhone
    • Native Instruments iMaschine
    • Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5
    • Audacity
  • Daevid Allen - vocals (track 8)