State-President of Medopolania

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State-President of Medopolania
Shady Morsi (acting)

since 20 December 2022
StatusPresiding member
Member ofNational Council
AppointerNational Assembly
DeputyVice State-President of Medopolania

the State-President of Medopolania, also known as the President of Medopolania, is the head of Medopolania four-eight -member National Council, the country's executive branch. Elected by the National Assembly for 4 years, the officeholder chairs the meetings of the National Council and undertakes special representational duties.

First among equals, the president of the Medopolanic Republic has no powers over and above the other councillors and continues to head the assigned department. The president of the Medopolanic Republic is not the head of state because the entire Federal Council is the collective head of state.


The Medopolanic president is not – as are, for example, the presidents in Molossia the National Council doubles as a collective head of state and head of government. When a tied vote occurs in the council (which may happen, since on the one hand abstention is permitted, and on the other hand a meeting of the council can take place without all members present), his or her vote is worth double.

In addition to the control of his or her own department, the president carries out some of the representative duties that are normally carried out by a single head of state in other democracies. and carries out state visits.


The president is elected by the National Assembly for a term of four years , Any citizen of Medopolania as long they are 18 years or older can be a candidate for president

List of State-Presidents

Portrait Name
Term of office Political party
1 Jasper Bosman
7 July 2021 20 December 2021 Socialist
2 Shady Morsi
20 December 2021 - Nationalist