War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts

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War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts
(part of Black March)

Conflict: War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts
Date: 31 January 2009 - 9 May
Place: Mainly Southern Cheslovia, Izkar Region and Tamir
Outcome: Cheslovian victory, disestablishement of Izkar and Milnian Holdouts.
Cheslovian Federation Izkar Remnants, Milnian Holdouts
President Urosh Dushanov,
Prime Minister Boris Groznayev
Vytautas Korok,
Ikhraan Skugom

10 KDI Mechanised Infantry

Izkarians - 3
Milnians - 0 (1 claimed by Izkars)
Military activity
Invasion of Tamir, Battle of Torek Forest, Battle of Valdisia Transylvakia Siege
4 Wounded 2 Wounded

The War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts (also called Spring Rebelion for short) was the immediate result of the Izkar War of Independence. After the dissolution of the Izkarian Confederacy, the Izkar government established smaller territorial claims called "The Izkar Remnants", and also claimed that Milna was still helping them, even though Milna had apologised to the federal government of Cheslovia and had been incorporated as a Republic again. Although Milna is not on the side of the Izkarians, the Izkars have made a "Milnian Holdout" inside one of their territories to "officialise" Milna's involvement in the war. Fortunately, the Milna Republic is on the side of the Cheslovians while the Milnian Holdouts are on the side of the Izkars.

During the war this battle flag had been used instead of the white, red and blue flag. The flag had been tied to a tree near the temporary "Fort Boltsarai" during the Battle of Torek Forest. The reason for the unconventional battle flag is to remember the Noke Wars, and how the Kaznian Empire used Prussian style flags in battle. It is now used by the Khanovarian Republic

Transylvakia Siege

The Transylvakia Siege was a bloodless conflict inside Transylvakia that occurred on 10 April 2009. The siege consisted of the destruction of Kazkom clay and quartz mines by the rebels. The destruction of the mines was discovered not long after the Rebels left Transylvakia. Since then the mines have been reopened.

Continuation of the war

Vytautas Korok, also known by his Cheslovian name as Vasili Uladimov is personal friends with Urosh Dushanov, President of Cheslovia, however throughout Cheslovian history he had always been purposely challenging laws and policies to shows his self proclaimed "academic thinking", his latest move was to create Izkaria. The battle has been organised by both sides, similar to the Noke Wars of 2006, to control combat so the other side may "give in", currently both sides are refusing to accept defeat.