War of Akebarian Inferiorty

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War of Akebarian Inferiorty
Part of The Wars of Hortanian Domination
Date8 May 2016 - Ongoing
Status Ongoing conflict

Declaration of war

Despite many months of an uneasy peace, Akebar did not feel right with allowing Hortania to survive and President Garside declared Akebar the mortal enemy of Hortania in all micronational affairs, leading President Billbrough to declare a war of annexation against the meagre Akebarian people, to fight until one nation was utterly defeated.

The Battle of Meme River

The war began in earnest on May 9 with the Battle of Meme River, where the forces of Akebar and the forces of Hortania engaged in a quick and ruthless battle of the memes, despite some god-tier memes from both sides, and many casualties, the Akebarian forces claimed a pyrrhic victory, pushing back the Hortanian forces.

The Battle of Leeds

Hortanian forces surprised Akebarian forces in Leeds in August 2017, defeating them with allies and chasing them from the city in defeat. The battle was a decisive Hortanian victory.