War on Gorthalism

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War on Gorthalism
Date8 June, 2022 - 31 August, 2022
Result Inconclusive

Kingdom of Cristoria

Supported By

  • SNOP
  • Destinstein
  • Empire of Denneko
  • Vagestan
  • Equaterra
  • Hoku
  • Mitrea
  • Clintonia

Federation of Gorthia

Supported By

  • Gorthian Nations
  • United States of Grudmir
Commanders and leaders
King Christopher I Dynast Dylan Jwanczuk

Total: 0

Total: 0

The War on Gorthalism also known as Anti-Gorthalist War was a cyberwarfare conflict between the Kingdom of Cristoria and the Federation of Gorthia. The conflict started on 8 June, 2022 and ended on 31 August, 2022.


The cold war was sparked the same way the Cristoro-Huntian Cold War started, by propaganda.

May 2022

During the month of May, Huntia was already in a conflict with Cristoria, making tensions already rise between Gorthia, Huntia, and Cristoria.

June 2022

On 8 June, 2022, a cyber attack against the Gorthian Federation took place, creating havoc and causing widespread upheaval. The TikTok account for Gorthalism was taken control of by an anonymous person, and posted severe topics on the account and changed the password to the account, which served as a communication hub.

Some came to conclusions that the Cristorian Parliament was responsible for this, as they were already in a conflict with one of Gorthia's allies, Huntia. People started attacking the Kingdom on TikTok, thinking they caused it. The Cristorian Parliament acted fast and created an economic and military alliance to protect Cristoria and the nation's in it, it was called the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity (SNOP).

Declaration of War

On 8 June, 2022, The Cristorian Parliament declared the situation as cyber conflict, seeing that this attacked the Cristorian nation.

The Parliament agreed to declare war on not only Gorth, but also Huntia. The Cristorian Kingdom was fighting on two fronts.

It was deemed unfair by the Cristorian Parliament but it was later discovered that the Kingdom of Cristoria was at the same level of dominance as the other two nations.


Soon after the Cristorian Parliament's declaration of war was opened to the public, Gorthian states and nations followed, all declaring war on Cristoria and siding with the Gorthian Federation.

There were multiple nations who supported Cristoria aswell, making the cyberwar fair. The Cristorians also had the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity supporting them, too.

However, despite all of this, they were outnumbered, the Gorthians had a bigger reach and had more popularity.

July 2022

In July 2022, after Operation Moonvault on the Huntian front, the war came to a cease and the propaganda came to a stop after the Cristorian Parliament offered the Treaty of the Sail to both nations.

The Treaty was signed and the war came to a sudden hault, during the peace time, the Cristorians poured some of their funds into the Royal Cristorian Space Force, it is unknown what Gorthia and Huntia did.

August 2022

After the Treaty of the Sail expired, the war resumed, seemingly more harsh this time. Over the social media platform of Discord, server raids were attempted. Most failed, luckily.

The hot-spot of the war was on TikTok, which all videos are still up today, documenting everything that happened during both fronts in both point of views. Both were justified and both were in the wrong.

On 27 August, 2022, the Kingdom of Huntia collapsed, leaving Gorthia the only one Cristoria had eyes on.

Soon after, both came to a cease and came to the middle, peace prevailed and the two nations became allies, the Kingdom of Huntia ceases to exist due to their high anti-semitism, homophobia, nazism, and more.