War on Terror in Quebec

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War on Terror in Quebec
Part of the Febmay Revolts

Clockwise from top left: Aftermath of the Battle of Marioland; Jack Allahbarist in Kapreburg; a meteorstrike thought to be a terrorist attack, Kapreburg; Morris creek, where Jack Allahbar drowned in 4 inch water.
Date10 February - 28 May 2019 (107 days)
Commanders and leaders

The War on Terror in Quebec was a war fought between the United People's Republic of Quebec and allies against terrorist groups such as the Catholic Revolutionary Army that were established during the previous state of the Kingdom as an Republic. The war started on 10 February 2019 against Jack Allahbar and Levant, a Jack Allahbarism terrorist organization, and the Catholic Revolutionary Army, a terrorist militia lead by Tyler Boyle. It's final end goal was to end terrorism and the spread of Jack Allahbarism in Quebec, and other micronations.

The first battle the republic faced was with several pro-terrorists from America and the CRA battling in Marioland for around 3 hours.

Intermicronational response

The intermicronational reactions to the War of Terror in Quebec were the responses to the announcement that Aidan I made.

  •  Ikonia - The sovereign of Ikonia, Abrams I stated that he offered political support, however didn't indulge in the war as it violates a diplomacy policy set by his Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • New Cymru - The sovereign of New Cymru, Simon I stated that he declared war on the Catholic Revolutionary Army in order to battle terrorism, however concerns appeared due to New Cymru being only a week old. Said sovereign also responded to the war declaration, with "Fine. You want war, so war is what you bloody get!"
  •  Kapreburg - The President of Kapreburg, Jack Morris claimed that Jack Allahbar and Levant had nothing to do with Kapreburg and it's entities and denied it's connection. It is unsure who is the real leader of JAAL, yet it is claimed that the deceased Layl Sandwytsh led it.
  • Edelein - Maximilian I condemns Cymru's actions in creating chemical weapons used in war, His Highness states; "Chemical weapons were outlawed in the Treaty of Versailles and Geneva Convention, these actions are to be condemned!" Sanctions were put in place and war was declared on Cymru.
  • Kingdom of West Kaurakuja joined the war in the final weeks, however dropped out of the war. The reasons for such are unknown, however some speculate that the nations departure is linked to New Cymru's departure.
  • Quebec - I Aidan McGrath in the coming days has realized this war has torn us apart, other then bring us together. I had the ideas of patriotism and brotherhood, we all thought that would happen. In the end the Catholic Revolutionary Army, got what they wanted. It's like what the sovereign of Ikonia had told me, "you have become the very thing you swore to destroy". Calling this a Intermicronational victory is absurd, this was only a victory for a few. In reality none of this benefited anyone, not even our common people, the heroism even shown at some battles were even pointless. And half of these venomed nations joined in hopes of receiving "land" or "awards". In the end Terrorism is infectious, and as long as men fight for liberty and hope, Terrorism will never die. This war had no overall point except to waste the common peasants tax money. I we never reacted with any military presence would it even have spread? Unless.