Westsylvania Territorial Guard

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Westsylvania Territorial Guard

Logo of the WTG
Country Westsylvania
Branch Dale Army
Size 3
Engagements Westsylvania War
Mac Coat

The Westsylvania Territorial Guard (WTG) is the first millitary unit in Westsylvania and is a regiment of the Dale Army since Westsylvania joined the Dale Commonwealth on december 31, 2011. The headquarters is located at Fort Michel. They are armed with Nerf Guns, Water Guns, and Water Bombs. Their main tactics involve using the land to their advantage using common Guerilla styled attack methods like Sniper fire and ambushes. WTG dose have outposts spread throughout Westsylvania.

The Training

There is little training in Westsylvania Territorial Guard, on the rare occasions training does take place they use the Fort Minor facility.


There is four requirements for recruitment.

  1. Must live in Westsylvania.
  2. Must own Nerf guns and ammunition.
  3. Must swear an oath to do anything to keep peace.
  4. Must be ready to serve at a moment's notice.