Wirasena (Indokistan)

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Greater Wirasena
Wirasena Raya
A Nation for a Dreamer
Anthem: Wirasena
Province Indokistan
Merged into Indokistan18 March 2013
CapitalKota Wirasena
 • GovernorDeden S
 • Total20
Time zoneUTC+7 (WITA)
For an independent micronation, see Kingdom of Wirasena

Greater Wirasena (Indonesian: Wirasena Raya), or was known by its old name Wirasena, was a former Indokistani division, later state, established as result of merging of the Kingdom of Wirasena to Indokistan in 18 March 2013, during the times of the Provisional Government.

During its existence in Indokistan, Wirasena was always problematic, with its inactivity put a significant burden to the Federal government and making attempts to accessing the state difficult. After months of vague status, Wirasena was forcefully disbanded by Indokistani government in the end of 2013, with its territory was reluctantly handed over to Arkapore in 2014 as result of political agreement.


Since its establishment in 2012, independent Wirasena Kingdom never had any significant activities intermicronationally, despite forging a good relations with other micronations inside Indonesian sector. The only significant action of Wirasena was to passively supporting efforts of establishment of Indonesian Micronational League in the end of 2012.

On 18 March 2013, Wirasena King Sena I declaring union with Indokistan, after several deliberations, and was accepted as a Division by the Provisional Government. Except the union declaration, there were no other informations submitted by the kingdom on their transition plan after the union, such as their decision whether to maintain their status as kingdom (as done by Al Rasyid Darussalam in 2012) or streamlining itself on Indokistani republican framework.

The state never had a significant contribution to Indokistan since its unification, and remained inactive since. The state only delegation for the National Forum was continuously absent from Forum sessions, and the state even failed to submit any voter registrations for the 2013 presidential election in June 2013.

After failure to contact the state government for months, Indokistani government decided to suspend the state "membership" from the country, before forcefully disbanding it in the end of 2013. After Barakstani secession from Indokistan in 2014, newly-reformed Arkaporean government request to handover control of Wirasena to Indokistan was reluctantly accepted, granting Wirasena another chance of political activities.