XF/R-1 Eagle (Emerald Isle NASF)

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The XF/R-1 "Eagle" is an experimental aircraft expected to enter service with the Emerald Navy's Naval Air Strike Force (NASF) by March 2011.



The XF/R-1 Eagle was first designed by a friend of the king after watching a TV show. The original design was about three feet long and was a flying wing design with a tail. but it was later modified into a "hopeless diamond" type design. both designs where shown to the Grand Lord who was also the commander of the armed forces. The Grand Lord hated both designs say they were "to radical and would never fly". the design was modified even more to add a vertical tail fin and a single engine. when the new design was shown to the Grand Lord, he still didn't like the design but realized the NASF's need for a new aircraft, and approved the design.

Early testing

The first design was tested with terrible results (in other words, it crashed and was a total loss). the next design was tested with almost the same results. then the final design was tested as a glider and was very good but was still somewhat unstable.

Later testing

The Final design was classified as F/R (Fighter Reconnaissance) and is currently being tested (with engine and as a glider) in air-to-air combat, air-to-ground combat, and recon.


The XF/R-1 will be used as a Reconnaissances aircraft (R-2),and a fighter Aircraft (F-1). it is also expected to be used as an artillery spotter aircraft(S-1), a ground attack aircraft(A-1), a bomber (B-3), and a messenger aircraft(M-1).