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Xagħra Territory
Xagħra Territory of Melite
Ix-Xagħra tagħna (infomal)
Ix-Xagħra (Maltese)
Shoot of the main area of the territory.
Official seal of Xagħra Territory
Coat of arms
Anthem: National Anthem of Melite (official)

L-Innu Malti (unofficial)

Map of Xagħra Territory claim, with respect to Europe.
Map of Xagħra Territory claim, with respect to Europe.
Sovereign state Democratic Christian Federation of Melite
Autonomous City Dominica
Territory proposed4 July 2022
Territory legislated and established17 July 2022
Common languagesMaltese
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentDependency within a federal Christian
semi-presidential republic
• Mayor of Dominica[a]
Matthew Tonna
• Total
0.00062 km2 (0.00024 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
0 (Uninhabited) Steady
Currencyde facto: Moneyless
de-jure: Euro (€)
Time zoneUTC+1:00 (Central European Time)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sidenil

Xagħra, officially the Xagħra Territory of Melite, is a rural incorporated, unorganized territory of the Democratic Christian Federation of Melite. It is located 850m east of the Dominica Autonomous City to which it is subordinated to and 5.6km away from Paloman Melita.


Xagħra is an incorporated, unorganized territory, meaning it is legislated by Melitian law but not administered by its own civil government. The territory is subordinated to the Autonomous City[b], despite the territory having no governmental organization as the area is a rural uninhabited field. The only legistation regarding Xagħra in Melitian law is 9/2022 Act on Xagħra Territory, 2022.[1] Its status is similar to that of Palmyra Atoll, USA.


Regional Flag

The regional flag of Xagħra is a 2:3 vertically striped bicolour of white and red, with the regional coat of arms centred over the colour boundary.

Regional Coat of arms

Lay Description

A shield equally divided in rounded thirds with a blue background charged with a white 12-pointed sun in the left quarter, a Dominican Cross charged with a white Maltese Cross in a red shield and an onion with green leaves on a white background.

Historical affiliations


Party per pale; Azure a sun in splendor Argent and gyronny Sable and Argent a cross fleury counterchanged charged with the arms of the Order of Malta ente en point Argent an onion Proper.

— Tonna, 9/2022 Act on Xagħra Territory, Chapter 2 Symbols, Clause 3



  1. The territory is subordinated to the Dominica Autonomous City thus falling under the direct responsibility of the Dominica Mayor
  2. The Autonomous City enjoys the same rights as a state of the Christian Federation.


  1. Tonna, 17 July 2022, 9/2022 Act on Xagħra Territory.