Xahastanian Defence Force

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Xahastanian Defence Force
Naval Jack of Xahastan.png
Flag of the XDF
Service branches1st and 2nd Division
Air Force
Commander-in-ChiefXabier Asensio
Military age18-50
Deployed personnel400

The Xahastanian Defence Force is responsible for the defence of the Republic of Xahastan. It is separated into 3 branches: The Army, Air Force and Navy. There is also an auxiliary Civil Defence Force.


The Xahastanian Defence Force was created upon the foundation Republic of Xahastan, it began its life as the Royal Xahastanian Army under the Principality of Xahastan. When the monarchy was disassembled it adopted its current name. Upon the foundation of a socialist government the Xahastanian Defence Force bought a former soviet weapons depot contains guns, tanks and aircraft. The Xahastanian Defence Force also bought a slew of ex Soviet navy ships. The first combat operation that the Xahastanian Defence Force took part in was the Badu Park Civil War, in which the Xahastanian Defence Force helped put down a military mutiny in the newly formed Badu Park Municipal Government. Since then the Xahastanian Defence Force has been invoveld in the Badu Park War of Restoration in which they turned on their former allies at Badu Park and waged a war to stop the re-formation of Badu Park Municipal Government. The Xahastanian Defence Force is currently invoveld in the Sydney World War.

Organisation & Structure

Defence Headquarters

Originally located at New Lawyerville (situated in the Conjola Province), however, in 2020 the XDF's headquarters moved to the Parliament Buildings in Reqqen. New Lawyerville retained the following:

  • Logistic Depot: including general equipment, uniforms, daily maintenance, rations, fuel, etc.
  • Maintenance and Construction Unit
  • Training Centre.

One Xahastan Division

The battalion consists of 5 men and were stationed at Reqqen; it consists of:

  • 3 infantry brigades of which 2 have T-55 main battle tanks
  • a small support brigades
  • a large Communication Division and Signals Brigade which serves the whole of the XDF

Two Xahastan Division

The battalion consisted of 7 men and is stationed at New Lawyerville, it consists of:

  • 1 Motorized Rifle Brigade with one PT-76 light tank
  • a small support brigade.

Air Wing

The Xahastanian MiG-23

Situated at Reqqen World Gateway International Airport International Airport a.k.a. Reqqen Airport, it consists of:

  • one Mikoyan MiG-23 (ex Libyan) for attack and interception purposes
  • one Ilyushin Il-28 as a bomber
  • one Piper Cub for personnel and freight transport (shared with Xahastan International Airlines)
  • Four modified commercial DJI drones for surveillance and airstrikes, possessing kinetic bombardment capabilities

There is Eyes of the Revolution/parachute company stationed at Reqqen Airport, the core of a possible future parachute regiment. The Xahastanian military band is also stationed at Reqqen and fell under the Air Wing for administrative purposes.

Xahastan Pacific Fleet

Based in the Tasman province, the Xahastan Pacific Fleet only consists of two ships:

  • an Udaloy I class destroyer, the XNS Admiral Xabier Asensio
  • a Foxtrot class submarine, the XNS Reqqen City (ex Libyan)

Equipment & Uniform

The Xahastan Defence Force is the most well equiped military in the inner west micronational community. In the early days of Xahastanian Defence Force it was poorly equiped, In New Lawyerville the XDF's weaponry consisted of three RPKs, two Sten Guns and one or two revolvers. As the Republic of Xahastan became stronger politicly, the Xahastan Defence force was able to procure stronger and more advance weapons, such as surface-to-air missiles; M60 machine guns; ArmaLite AR-18s, FN FALs, AK-47s and M16 rifles; DShK heavy machine guns; LPO-50 flamethrowers; and Barrett M90 sniper rifles. Most of these new weapons were acquired through black market arms dealers and donations from sympathisers. The Xahastan Defence Force also uses a variety of bombs such as car and van bombs, time bombs, and booby traps, using explosives including ANFO, gelignite, and the plastic explosive Semtex.

The Xahastan Defence Force also procured a large former Libyan arms depot, giving them access to heavy weapons such as T-55 and PT-76 tanks as well as M-46 artillery pieces and Type 63 multiple rocket launchers. The XDF even operates a former Russian 36 Pounder Gun. The gun was stolen from a public park in the Tasmanian city of Launceston by Eyes of the Revolution Commandos. The Xahastan Air Force operates a MiG-23 and Ilyushin Il-28, these were procured at an auction in Ukraine. The Xahastan Air Force also operates a Piper Cub that was stolen from Bankstown Airport by Eyes of the Revolution Commandos.


the standard XDF uniform consists of a black rain jacket, Nike Tec Fleece pants and a pair of Asics Gel Quantum 360s. This uniform was designed by legendary designer, Dave Mcshittyfuckelstine.

Eyes of the Revolution

The Eyes of the Revolution is the intelligence agency of the Xahastanian Defence Force and works closely with it in surveillance and covert warfare. The Eyes of the Revolution was formed from the merger of the Royal Security Association, Republican International Police and the Worker's Police of the Worker's Revolutionary Party.


The Eyes of the Revolution undertake mainly surveillance and covert warfare roles. The Eyes of the Revolution operate elite commando units and 'snatch squads', as well as secret police and covert surveillance vehicles.


Since its foundation the Eyes of the Revolution have been very active in covert warfare against the Australian Government and other micronations. The Eyes of the Revolution usually undertake attacks against high level political targets and government infrastructure. The Eyes of the Revolution snatch squads have been accused to be the masterminds behind countless disappearances of mainly neo-nazis, self proclaimed 'Antifa' members, police officers, young liberals and rival micronationals. The Eyes of the Revolution commandos have also been behind some low level bombings and have funded and planned attacks on behalf of other groups such as the Johnston's Creek Liberation Army. It was discovered by the NSW Police that members of the Eyes of the Revolution funded, planned, and helped execute the bombing of Sydney Airport parking building in 2022. The Eyes of the Revolution have also raided the headquarters of the Dick Smith Holy Warfare Brigade and destroyed their bomb making equipment under the grounds that their activities were 'offensive'. The Eyes of the Revolution are also responsible for the theft and procurement of heavy weapons and aircraft.