Youth Scouting of Wegmat

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Youth Scouting of Wegmat
File:YSW Logo.jpg
Number of Troops21
HeadquartersTwo Pine, Wegmat, 05 Lower Riats Avenue
Founded21 July 2020
Area servedFederal Union of Wegmat

Youth Scouting of Wegmat is a scouting organization in Wegmat similar to that of the Boy Scouts of America. There is a troop in every province and federal district in Wegmat. They are 3 councils, the Classical Wegmat council consists of the provinces and federal districts of Bushwood, Two Pine, Gliffork, Essef, Hilda and Hydrove. Its camp is located in Prarik, Essef. The Frontier Council consists of Golfia, Whynofly, Drystone, Abierta, Irving, South Potawatomi and North Potawatomi. Its camp is located near Cape Chad, Whynofly. The Outside council consists of the provinces of New Finland and Cenwister. Both have separate camps.