Zoe, President of Fizona

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President for Life
Zoe of Fizona
Term Inauguration12 December 2013 -
27 July 2015
( 593 days)
Coronation12 December 2013
PredecessorPosition Established
SuccessorPosition Abolished
Senator of Clubhausia
Term2008 - 12 December 2013
BornJuly 2003 (age 20)
Hillingdon, UK w:United Kingdom

Zoe, President of Fizona, was an influential member of politics in the Ruislip Tetrarchy in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Before declaring indepdence and indirectly sparking the powderkeg for The Great Ruislip War, she was a member of the Republic of Clubhausia.

Zoe was considered the coldest of the council. She'd help others, but only her friends, and she kept order and strictness. However, worsening relations between Zoe and Lorentia made Zoe decide to pursue her own goals, declaring independence. War broke out after the newly formed Empire of Lorentia attacked their base at the football pitch. This was the fight battle of The Great Ruislip War. Fizona lacked members, but with Zoe's diplomacy, allied with many of the warlords in the lower years who had broken away from CLubhausia as well. Lorentia only worked once with Fizona, where the two put aside their differences to Ellie of Clubhausia rescue their mutual friend from the Rohan Horde.

Zoe's sending of the StonePark telegram is debated. While the handwring was similar, it was worded oddly, and Lytera was her greatest trade partner, so warring them seems odd. The conspiracy that Lorentia forged it was claimed by Fizonian officials. Nevertheless, it led to Lytera joining Lorentia. During the great final Battle of Bourne, Zoe led a successful attack on the Clubhaus and sacked it, destroying many Lorentian artifacts. They supported the truce pushed by the Clubhaus Exiled Government, but only after an almost unanimous alliance of all the other nations against them.

In the summer, minor arguments between Alex and Zoe occurred, but when starting secondary school, the two reconciled, and made a declaration of peace, making a new alliance together. In 2015, on the date of the Bourne Reunion, the Treaty of Bourne was signed. There were no gains for anyone, as everyone had to give up claims to the Stonefield region. By the 2016 reunion, Fizona had collapsed, and Zoe did not attend. Zoe still has contact with Amelia I but has stated she would never get involved in micro-nations again.