Zordhi Muhammadpasha Novyan

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Zordhi Muhammad Pasha Novyan
Deputy Chairman of the Islamkistan National Senate
Assumed office
Decemer 8th, 2011
President Nafandra Lubis
Governor-General of the Protectorate of Bahr al-Masyriqiyah
Assumed office
January 1st, 2012
Personal information
Born September 12th, 1998 (Age 13)
Tangerang, Indonesia
Birth name Zordhi Muhammad Pasha
Citizenship Islamkistani
Nationality Indonesian
Ethnicity West Sumateran
Political party Muslim Democratic Union (MDU)
Residence Nafud Province (Pondok Pinang)
Alma mater SMP Labschool Kebayoran, SD Harapan Ibu (HI)
Occupation Legislator, Senator
Profession Student
Religion Islam

Zordhi Muhammad Pasha (born 12 September 1998), is a student of 7A and 8A, SMP Labschool Kebayoran 10th Gen and is the current Deputy Chairman of the Islamkistan National Senate, and the current Governor General of Bahr al-Masyriqiyah Province.

Pre-Micronational Era

Zordhi Muhammad Pasha was born in Tangerang, Indonesia or ~20 km northeast of Jakarta on September 12, 1998 to Yudhi Novyan and Zornia. He spent his early life with his family, and he was educated in the SD Harapan Ibu (HI) in H. Banan Rd., in Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta that was now the Nafud Province. In 2010, he graduated from elementary school and continued education in the Labschool Kebayoran Junior High School. In Labschool, he was known as a great opposition and rebellion to the micronation Los Bay Petros which was founded earlier.

Now and Personal Life

Because of his dislikeness to LBP, he gathered his friends, and proposed that he and his friends shall make an own micronation to compete and to rebel against Los Bay Petros. This is the actual main reason the Republic of Islamkistan was founded, but since they agreed that the country is an Islamic Republic, now Islamkistan has a diplomatic relationship with LBP. Now, Zordhi is active in Labschool Kebayoran Computer Club and is part of the Labsky Empires and Allies Community. He is gossiped to have very close relationships with Afra Fatimah, his classmate in 8A.