Meiying, Empress of Chaowan

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Meiying the Tyrant
Empress of Chaowan
Reign10 January 2015 – 28 January 2015
PredecessorEmperor Juntao
SuccessorEmperor Juntao
Prime MinisterBai Zhan-sheng (2015)
Born5 September 1997 (1997-09-05) (age 26)
ConsortEmperor Aguri
DynastySong dynasty

Empress Meiying (梅影), also known as Barbara Zhang (張真真), was the Empress of Chaowan for 18 days. She was the first female monarch of Chaowan, she was the first woman to rule Chaowan in her own right. The importance to history of Meiying's period of political and military leadership includes being a major tyrant of the Chaowanese empire, she removed many human rights including rights of hair styles and appearance. Meiying was a feminist and fascist extremist, she was responsible for tearing up the Imperial Oath, removing male rights and banning foreigners from entering the country. Due to Meiying's tyranny, she faced many uprisings. On 28 January the Song dynasty collapsed and Empress Meiying was forced to abdicate in favour to restore Emperor Juntao to the throne.