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MicroWiki is the largest online encyclopædia about micronations, small and often rather eccentric nations that are unrecognised by the wider international community. The wiki is being continually improved and updated by 63,653 editors, with content being moderated by a small group of staff and funded by our generous Patrons. Since its creation on 27 May 2005, the site has grown to become the largest micronation-related website on the Internet, with a total of 198,572 pages and 37,332 articles, of which 118 have achieved good article status. Before you start editing, it is recommended that you take a look at our content disclaimer, basic rules of editing, and the nation page guide.

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Republic of Suverska

Coat of arms of Suverska

Suverska (/svɛərskə/; lit. northern sovereign land), officially the Republic of Suverska and formerly the Republic of Suwerenny, was an unrecognised state and one of the longest active micronations in Western Canada. With a population of 59 and an area of 4.20 km², Suverska consisted of two regions, Agionoros and Meteora, which were made up of enclaves and exclaves located within the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The land that is now Suverska was inhabited by various groups of indigenous peoples for thousands of years prior to European colonisation. European settlement in the area can be traced back to the 1840s, and the region was incorporated into Canada in 1870. (more...)

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Physical trade with other nations began Monday morning, as the department of state announced their new list of trade items, according to Chancellor Stephen Luke in a Twitter statement. Physical items, as well as digital were included on the list...
Honorary Subjects of Austenasia who have held this status for a certain amount of time will from now on be able to apply to the Home Office for naturalisation, thereby becoming non-residential subjects with full Austenasian national status. For most of Austenasian history, the only way for a non-resident to become an Austenasian was for an Act of Parliament to be passed specifically authorising it...
In a mega reshuffle and expansion of the union council of ministers headed by Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika, two new ministers were sworn-in into office. This is the first expansion of the union council of ministers since its formation on 12 November 2022 after the general election.
Soon after granting royal assent to the Governorship Act, 2023 which created provisions for the position of the state governors, a largely ceremonial position in the states. The governors are to be the agents and representatives of the Rashtradhyaksh and the central government in the states and are to act as a bridge of communication between the centre and the states.
The Basileía of the Romans today celebrates the XXVth Day of the Basileús, the birthday of the nation's Basileús and Autokrátor Emmanuel I & II.
Whether in the public eye or behind the scenes, multiple individuals have contributed in various ways to further the development and success of the Penn Federal Republic. Whether directly or indirectly, domestic or foreign, the success of the Pennian state can be attributed to dozens of individuals...
In a shocking development, the Based Commonwealth, a political union between four countries, has dissolved just days after its second anniversary...
The Dracul Weather Channel, which broadcasts twice a week on Dracul 1 YouTube, is looking to start their first TV series this coming April. The channel, which initially started as a weekly weather service...