2nd Ondiara Flotilla

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The 2nd Ondiara Flotilla, formerly known as Centuria II Ondiara, was a unit in the Imperial Navy of the Empire of Austenasia which was founded to defend Shineshore as well as to provide an Austenasian naval presence on Lake Ontario, and throughout its existence was one of two flotillas in the 1st Jonathana Task Force along with 1st Iosephus Flotilla.

The 2nd Ondiara Flotilla was founded on 29 April 2014 as Centuria II Ondiara, a unit in the Austenasian Army. The century was distinctive within the Austenasian Army in being a naval unit. When the Imperial Navy was re-established on 8 March 2015, Legio I Virginia - of which Centuria II Ondiara was a part - was transitioned into the 1st Virginia Fleet, with the century likewise transitioning into a naval flotilla, which had five boats. The flotilla was dissolved on 13 November 2017 in regards to the immanent cession of Shineshore.

2nd Ondiara Flotilla
Active 2014-2017
Country Empire of Austenasia
Size 5 crew, 2 kayaks, 2 stand-up paddle-boards and a fishing boat
Anniversaries 29 April 2014
Commander Captain A. Keller