Shahdom of Greater Iran

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Shahdom of Greater Iran
شاهدوم ایران بزرگ (Persian)
Greater Iran
Flag of Greater Iran
Coat of arms of Greater Iran
Coat of arms
Anthem: Ey, Iran!
(English: "Oh, Iran")
StatusPersonal Union with the Holy Byzantium Empire
CapitalNew Tehran City
Largest cityIsfahanshahr
Official languagesPersian
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• Shah

The Shahdom of Greater Iran (Persian: شاهدوم ایران بزرگ), is a micronation located in Iran and the UK and it was formed in January 2018. It is ruled by Adriyan I Shah since August 2020. In 7 August 2022, Greater Iran formed a union with the Holy Byzantium Empire.