Vasiliki II of Ovrestlia

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Vasiliki II
Βασιλική Κλιγκάτση
Empress of Ovrestlia
2nd Empress of Ovrestlia
Reign2 October 2019 – 8 December 2019
Coronation23 November 2019
PredecessorHIH Vasiliki I
Born8 December 1978 (1978-12-08) (age 45)
IssueHIM Crown Prince Thomas Marios I
HouseGrand House of Kligatsi

Vasiliki II (Greek: Βασιλική Κλιγκάτση) is the second Empress of Ovrestlia.


Florina's view from the hill of St Panteleimonas

Vasiliki was born in Florina. Her parents, Prince George I, last heir of Vasiliki I and Princess Vaia I were teachers in the town. she had also a sister, Mary I.

She studied I.T. at the Institute of Vocational Training of Florina. Then, she started to work at Eurobank Ergasias, one of the most of the powerful banks in Europe.

In 2007, she married Prince George I, son of the Prime Minister, Thomas I. The next year, she gave birth to Thomas Marios I; in 2010, she gave birth to Prince Nicolas II.

On 9 January 2014, her family moved to the Principality of Akarnania, to the Summer Palace. Next year, she gave birth to Prince Angelo I.


18 July 2019-23 November 2019

Before her reign, she was Minister of Economy, Working, Development and Tourism. Also, she was Grand Duchess of Irakleia and Dendrohori and Countess of Sykes. She wasn't heir of Vasiliki I, the last empress of Empire of Ovrestlia. If George I had crowned emperor, she will crown after years empress. So, she didn't prepare for this.

Throne Crisis continues

After her coronation, the Grand Clisthenium Council was unstable. So, on 8 December 2019, she resigned. With this, Throne Crisis continued. After this, the Grand Clisthenium Council reacted badly, blaming Vasiliki for the imbalance that has followed many changes in the country's political field and especially in the area of the monarchy.

Here is the document of her resign:

My dear people,

You know who I am, you know your Emperess. You know our fights for our future. You know my love and I want you to know my love for the people of this empire, too. Every person, if he's or she's Greek, English, French, Chinese, Italian and all the other nationalities, I love you.

I'm happy to be the empress of these happy, brave, hospitable, hard-working, kind and democratic people, of each religion and ideology. But with all these, with this mess, today, on 8th December 2019, one of the happiest days of my life, my birthday, I resign from the office of the Emperess of the Empire of Ovrestlia.

I always wanted to be the monarch, the head of the state. My wish became true generously, from my dear father, Prince George I, who refused the Throne just for me. When my dear grandmother diagnosed with dementia, my father was going to be the emperor, but he resigned just for me. And I became empress, but I didn't manage this part of the government.

So, I give the Throne to my son, Thomas Marios I, who helped me so times when I had problems. He started alone to build this country. But I will help him with the economical area, so I will stay in the Throne, as the Co-emperor of the empire. The coronation is going to take place in Florina, in the Winter Palace, on 2nd January 2020.

Best Regards Sincerely

Vasiliki II, Emperess of Ovrestlia