Harehill and Saint Mary's

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Harehill and St. Mary's
Lievalubel e Sakudan jiel Mariad
Flag Coat of Arms

Languages spoken English
Demonym Harehillian
Time zone GMT

Nation Republic of Akebar
President Rilgar Ompastre
- People's General Martyn Järvenpää

Inhabitants 3

Harehill and St. Mary (Volapük:Lievalubel e Sakudan jiel Mariad) or commonly referred to as simply Harehill was a Special Municipality of the Republic of Wensleydale located approximately 55 km North West of the Republic's claimed borders, in County Durham. It was named after the two geographically separate enclaves which it consisted of: one being Harehill farm, a farm in Ludworth and the the second smaller enclave being located near St. Mary's church, Easington.

Harehill and St. Mary's acted as the de facto capital of the Republic of Akebar due to the fact that it falls under full control of the Republic, whereas control over the proclaimed mainland was very weak. Furthermore, the national legislature and the stockpile of the Akebarian Liberation Army were located in Harehill. It was formally an extraterritorial base, however on the 12 January 2015 the National Assembly unanimously voted in favour of making it a Special Municipality - meaning that it was thereon considered part of the republic's sovereign territory, despite not being part of the mainland.

It had its own symbolism to represent Harehill specifically in national and international affairs, with the Vinnland flag being used as the unofficial flag of the area.


The national flag flying over Harehill.

Harehill was the largest of the two geographically separate regions which constitute Harehill and St. Mary's and the home of the national legislature. Consisting of mainly grassland with several sheds caravans and barns, it was 35,000 square meters in size. A very small military stockpile was located there, consisting of a semi-automatic shotgun and an air rifle.

Saint Mary's

St. Mary's was the personal residence of the President Rilgar Ompastre, it was much smaller than Harehill, however was home to a much larger military stockpile as well as all national documents and national memorabilia such as the first Wensleydalian republican flag. It was named after the nearby Church of St. Mary.