Richard I of Edan

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HRM Richard I
Name His Royal Majesty Richard I
Micronation(s) Ruled Kingdom of Edan
Reign 1999–present
Coronation 1 October 1999
Other Titles/Styles Defender of the People
Personal information
Born 1967
Birthplace Indiana, USA
Mother Jean
Father Richard
Royal Information
Predecessor none
Heir His Royal Highness Jonathan
Spouse Her Royal Majesty Jennifer
Issue HRH Jonathan, HH Shar

HH Alexander, HH Samuel, HH Nicholas

Royal/Imperial House House of Edan
Royal Motto "Magna est Veritas et Praevalet"


His Royal Majesty Richard I was born in the Midwestern region of the United States. One of 8 sibling, HRH Richard took a leadership role within the family at an early age. HRM Richard joined the armed forces at the age of 17. During his military service he was attached to Canadian and French forces.

Early Micronational Activity

HRM Richard was an early participant in the now defunct Republic of Lomar and was quite active in the formulation of political theory and diplomacy. He left Lomar before the scandal that resulted in its reformation as the Regency of Lomar and focused on political theory. It was during this time that he began developing Feudal Technocratic Distributism as a politico-economic theory.

The Kingdom of Edan

In mid-1999 HRM Richard began developing the first version of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Edan, completing this on October 1st of the same year, traditionally the beginning of the Kingdom of Edan. Edan grew rapidly and was soon providing citizens basic services and some benefits (subsidized internet access, national ID cards, etc.). However in early 2001 the King discovered that con artists were using Edan's web presence to commit fraud. All web presences were ended at that time.
From then until 2007 Edan had no public web presence, but the development of political theory, revisions to the constitution, and communications continued. The King ratified the Constitution into law on March 31st, 2009 and began accepting new citizens on April 1st, 2009.

Personal life

HRM Richard has been married to HRM Jennifer since 1992. They have four sons and a daughter. HRM Richard has a degree in Catholic Theology.

Edanian Website

Governmental blog


Email for the Ministry of State