National Unitary Republican Party

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National Unitary Republican Party
FoundedJan 27, 2022
Membership (2022)9
IdeologyDirect democracy
Democratic republicanism
Political positionCenter
National affiliation Unitary Republic of Bir Tawil
Colors  Blue
SloganFor Unity, For the People!
Tawilian Ministry
0 / 2
Tawilian National Council
0 / 9
Party flag


The National Unitary Republican Party is a major political party based in Bir Tawil. The Party believes that the future revolves around national unity and strict republicanism. The Party tries to stay politically neutral but ends up steering slightly to the left. The party has exceedingly negative relations to the CDLP. NURP advocates for Bir Tawil to stay a sovereign state and to stay free from Egypt, Sudan or the United States. NURP denounces the CDLP's attempted coups, revolutions, and authoritarian ideals. The CDLP has hosted two attempted coups to try to overthrow NURP. The March 10th Revolution of Bir Tawil was started by the CDLP. The CDLP created the idea of a joint rebellion or "Tawilian United Front" to again, try to overthrow NURP. After this Union of Parties came the The Tawilian United Front (War). It is important to note that The March 7th Coup of Bir Tawil was highly endorsed by the CDLP.

Role in the Ministry and National Council

NURP wants to bring freedom to the people and works day and night to make this dream a reality. NURP has passed many laws enforcing democracy and have put down anti-democratic revolts, for the people's rights.