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Republic of Ruslabya or Republiká Ruslabiya, Formerly known as Ruslavian Federation is a Micronation existing in Visayas Islands, Philippines.

Republic of Ruslabya
Republiká Ruslabiya


Coat of arms
Motto: "Mag-ulugyunay,para sa Kauswagan "(Unite for Progress)
Anthem: "Hymn of Ruslabya" (Music Based on Aud Lang Syne, Lyrics by Gat Ramon Ychon)
CapitalConcord Metropolitan
Administrative centerConcord Gov't District, Concord Metropolitan
Official languagesHiligaynon, Filipino, English
Recognised national languagesHiligaynon, Kinaray-a, Filipino, English
Ethnic groups
90% Guimarasnons, 9% Panay mainlanders & 1% Indigenous peoples
•99% Christians (90% Roman Catholic, 6% Mormons, 3% Baptists, 1% Iglesia ni Kristo) •1% other non Christian religions
Demonym(s)Ruslabyan (Ruslabiyan)
GovernmentUnitary Presidential Republic
• President
Gat Ramon Ychon
• Prime-Minister
Angelus I
LegislatureThe State Council
Establishment16 February 2010
• First Constitution Promlugated
16 February 2016
• Republic Dissolved, Monarchy Established
February 16, 2017
• Military Coup
16 February 2019
• Peoples Revolution
23 October 2019
• Provisional Government Established
24 October 2019
• Reinstatement of the Republic
23 November 2019
• 20th Republic Constitution promlugated
21 June 2023
• Total
0.14 km2 (0.054 sq mi)
• 2022


Republic of Ruslabya or Republiká Ruslabiya was a Micronation existing in the island of Guimaras in the Visayas Islands, Philippines. The Micronation was formed on the 16 of February 2010 after a backyard roleplay was made by its founding fathers whom at that time was 6 years and 7 years old. With the help of more older friend, aging 10 years. The Micronation was technically formed with Gat Ramon Ychon as its first President (at that time 5 years old), Aljohn Ychon as vice-president and special advicer to the President or Pangarwa nga Presidente (10 years old and the oldest among the 4 foundibg fathers), and John Zachary as the Prime-Minister (4 years old at that time). Mr. Aljohn Ychon between 2010 and 2014 mostly control the Government alongside Hayme Rico (the second oldest among the founding fathers) they are the de facto leaders of the young Government of Ruslavia. During its early years, the micronation is mostly backyard roleplay, although having leaders, there are no formal Legislative and Judiciary. A Council is responsible for the legislative and Judicial functions (Due to the minority of the age of the President and Prime-Minister, Aljohn and Hayme assumed the responsibility of guiding the two leaders). Also at that time, the powers of the Government cannot be determined on poison, it is rather determined on age and knowledge. All of its members at that time, having no huge knowledge on how Government works, basing the functions of the Ruslavian Government on Hierarchical-Authoritarian System, where the oldest, even not a member or not on the top Government Position, has the powers to control the Ruslavian Government. On 2015, a first Ruslavian Constitution was established, creating the first ever formal Government of Ruslavia. With the help of other older members of the Ruslavian Council, the constitution was established, creating a more formal system of Government of Ruslavia.


After the establishment of the first Constitution of Ruslavia. A formal system of Government took place. President Hayme Rico steps down was succeeded by his sister Nikolai Jane. Gat Ramon Ychon, whom are the Prime-Minister since 16 February 2014, had expressed his concerns over Nikolai Jane's leadership. 2016, many wanted to have a monarch the Congress, headed by Speaker and EX President Hayme, decided to issue an proclamation of the dissolution of the Republic and the establishment of the Imperial State. President Nikolai Jane agreed to the transition of Ruslavia from Republic to a Monarchy. Hayme Rico was chosen to become the Head of State, he assumed the title Emperor or "Czar" of the Imperial Ruslavia. Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon remained as Prime-Minister until the end of the Monarchy.

THE MONARCHY (2017-2019)

From 2017 to 2019, Ruslavia is a Constitutional Monarchy. Hayme Rico becomes the Emperor of the Imperial Ruslavia and Gat Ramon Ychon remained as Prime-Minister. A Constitution was created formalizing the Imperial Government. The title of the Prime-Minister at that time is the President of the Imperial Council, and an Imperial Legislative Assembly. The Monarchy had run smoothly on its first years. But, threats of power grab by the Armed Forces remained high. And on the 16th day of February 2019, exactly 2 years after the establishment of the Monarchy. A Coup was initiated by General Yuri. Emperor Hayme Rico was forced to abdicate and Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon and the rest of the sitting Imperial Government was removed from power. A Military Junta Government was established by General Yuri, whom lasted from 16 February until 23 October 2019.


On the morning of February 16, while preparing for the celebration on Monarchy's 2nd anniversary. The Imperial Armed Forces of Ruslavia, headed by General Yuri, initiated a Coup d'état. Emperor Hayme Rico was forced to abdicate, and Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon and the Imperial Government was deposed. General Yuri then immediately declared the dissolution of the Monarchy and the establishment of a Transitional Military Government aiming to reestablish the Republic. But the Military Leadership was plagued by anger and hatred from the public. Also General Yuri has the desires to remain in power for a long time. The Deposed Emperor expressed his will not to be reinstated as Monarch if the Forces of Gat Ramon Ychon will successfully defeat the Military Junta as for him, his leadership had long been ended after that Coup. On the 23rd of October 2019, the forcea of Gat Ramon Ychon successfully captured the Government Office where the Military Leadership placed HQ and General Yuri and His Military Government was finally removed by the Forces of Gat Ramon Ychon.


The Forces of Gat Ramon Ychon successfully deposed General Yuri and his Military Junta. The Latter then immediately declared the establishment of the Provisional Government of Ruslavia and the creation of the Constitution of Ruslavia. General Yuri was forced to be exiled from Ruslavia to a town in Iloilo Province. Also, all of the collaborators of the General Yuri Regime was later pardoned and offered position to the Provisional Government. Gat Ramon Ychon, as the Provisional President, stated that "...Ruslavia finally returned to Democracy and the task that was placed upon us is to establish a Democratic System... ". On the 23rd of November, one month after the Coup, the New Republic was Proclaimed with Gat Ramon Ychon as president and John Zachary as Prime-Minister.


New Republic of Ruslavia was established, Gat Ramon Ychon was elected President of the New Republic and John Zachary as Prime-Minister. On the first months of the New Republic, it faced many challenges such as on how to maintain a constitution and a government, inactivity of some members, attacks by other groups to the Micronation, red taggings and other more problems. In the span of 3 years, there are 17 constitutions and 20 Governments whom had ruled over Ruslavia. Constant changes of Government and Constitution caused instability to the Micronation. Ruslavia faced several Constitutional Crisis, self coup, Coup, and a Civil war. The Administration of Gat Ramon Ychon tried its best to preserve Ruslavia. In recent months, a new Constitution was established and implemented. Gat Ramon Ychon and his Government promises this Constitution to last longer and to do its best in avoiding another Constitutional Changes so that Ruslavia will remain stable.

On its entry on the International Micronational Stage, the Micronation had met various Micronations and had established relations on some of it. The Micronation had joined AMPI and had met and cooperated with its member states. Also in some Micronational Groups online, The Ruslavian Government tried its best to be connected to the international Micronational stage so that the Micronation can interact with other Micronations.


The Name Ruslavia or Ruslabya came from a mixed sentence of Hiligaynon and English. "Ang Rooster nag labay sa iya" or "The Rooster had passed near him". These sentence was stated by Gat Ramon Ychon while thinking for the name of the Micronation. Also in actual context, the name came from the mixture of Rus and Slavia, or the Russia and the Slavic States of Yugoslavia. Currently, the National Assembly of Ruslavia is planning to use the endonym of Ruslavia, "Ruslabiya" or "Ruslabya" as the official name of the Micronation to permanently remove its Russian reference.


After the establishment of the 19th Republic Constitution (30 July 2022), Ruslavia went major changes in Government System. Currently, Ruslavia is a One-Party Democratic Constitutional Republic. The Nationalist Party or PARTNASYO is the only legal party in Ruslavia and the constitution had given the party power to manage the Government and to lead Ruslavia to its path.

Stated by the Constitution, the following are the Governmental Branches of Ruslavia and its functions:


The President of the Ruslavian Republic is the Head of State of Ruslavia. The President has limited powers other than to only serve as the symbol of the Unity of the Nation.

In the Past, the post of the President is the most powerful in Ruslavia. But until the creation of the new Constitution, all of the powers of the President was stripped off and was transferred to the Legislative Branch, in which the Prime-Minister and his Government is part of. Technically Ruslavia follows a Parliamentary System but with one party ruling, the Government faces its fellow party member in debates about a certain issue.

The vice-president, also has no political powers. The Vice-Presidency is created to put a successor to the President in case the latter cannot perform his or her duties if he or she was temporary or permanenly disabled or had passed away.

Both President and vice-president is elected to office by the members of the Council for Unity, the Highest Governing Council of the Nationalist Party. Once elected, they will serve to a 2-year term without term limit.

The Current President of Ruslavia is Angelus I of Okasakawa, had assumed the role as president on the 26 of December 2022. President Angelus I was the first non native Ruslavian to be elected to the post. Before being elected, legal processes was made to ensure that he is legally a registered citizen of Ruslavia. And Also the Current Vice-president of Ruslavia is Mr. Gat Lance Gabriel whom had assumed the role on the 30 December 2022. Vice-president Gat Lance Gabriel is a native born Ruslavian and had previously served as Ruslavia's Prime-Minister and State Councillor before being elected as vice-president.


The Council for Unity is a Council by the Nationalist Party of Ruslavia. The council is responsible on overseeing elections of the President and vice-president of Ruslavia. Also responsible in interpreting constitutional passages and the analysis of laws. The council, in General, is the post powerful Council in the Micronation. The council is headed by chairman whom also the General Secretary of the Nationalist Party of Ruslavia. Also the council is responsible on managing the state in case the Government is inactive or had been dissolved. Technically the council is the de facto Government and the Supreme Governing Body of Ruslavia. The Currently there are 7 members in the Council for Unity mostly the longtime members of the Government and the Members of the Ruslavian Self Defense Forces. The Current Chairman of the council is Gat Ramon Ychon, whon also serving as Prime-Minister of Ruslavia.

Members of the Council for Unity is elected by the members of the Nationalist Party. They all to serve the council as long as they maintain the confidence of the Party.


The Government of Ruslavia is headed by the Prime-Minister. The Prime-Minister is the Chief Executive official of Ruslavia. The Constitution gives the Prime-Minister powers to manage the daily activities of the Micronation and the Government. After the election as Prime-Minister, the Prime-Minister will form his Government. In which will assist him in managing Ruslavia.

Much powers was given by the Constitution to the Prime-Minister. That's why Ruslavia, as a One Party State, has a Parliamentary system in Character. The powers of the Prime-Minister are to formulate its Internal and External State Policy, Manage the Government, Serve as the Commander in chief of the RSDF and more.

The Prime-Minister is elected by the National Assembly or the Batasang Pambansa of Ruslavia for a 2-year term. He must secure the confidence of the National Assembly to remain in the post for a long time. The current Prime-Minister of Ruslavia is the Chairman of the Council for Unity, Gat Ramon Ychon, he is the Prime-Minister of Ruslavia since 30 July 2022. Mr Ychon had previously served as President of Ruslavia (2019–2022) and as Prime-Minister (2012–2019). Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon is expected to serve the Premeirship until 2024 in which fate will determine if he will step aside or not.


The National Assembly or Batasang Pambansa of Ruslavia is the legislative body of the Micronation.

The Legislative Body comprises 10 Assembly members elected by the people of Ruslavia from each Prefectures for 6 months. The Members of the National Assembly can be reelected without term limit. The Qualifications for a candidate for the National Assembly is that the person must be a registered Ruslavian Citizen, at least 12 years of age on the day of the election, having good records and had not been involved in crimes and also a member of the Nationalist Party.

Before the implementation of the 19th Republic Constitution (30 July 2022-), Ruslavian Legislative body is a Bicameral Assembly. Also Ruslavia is a Multi party state but due to problems on manpower and to prevent destabilization on the National Assembly and on the Government, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) headed by former president and now Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon, decided to abolish multi party system and the bicameral structure of the Legislative branch.

The powers of the National Assembly is to pass or create laws, Assist the Government on managing the country, and also representing as an Advising body to the current Leadership.

The Leader of the National Assembly is the Speaker, elected by the members of the National Assembly and to serve until the expiration of his or her term.

The current dominant occupant of the National Assembly and the only legal party to operate in Ruslavia is the Nationalist Party or PARTNASYO (Partido Nasyonalista). The party is responsible on managing the Legislative body.


The Ruslavian Supreme Tribunal Court is the Judicial Body of Ruslavia. It's responsible for analyzing and interpreting laws and on the Constitution. The STC is headed by the Chief Justice with Associate Justices appointed by the Prime-Minister.

The Powers of the STC aside from Analyzing and interpreting laws and of the Constitution are to judge a violator or someone whom had violated Micronational Law. Also to determine what is right or wrong or what is constitutional and what is unconstitutional.

Aside from the Supreme Tribunal Court, there is also another component of the Judicial Branch. The Constitutional Court, whom are the main interpreters and analyzers of the Constitution. Its members are of those in the STC.


Ruslabiya is divided into 10 prefectures (Prepektura) and 1 Metropolitan (Metropolitana), this prefectures is Equevalent to Provinces. Each prefectures has its own local Government whom overseeing the Prefecture. The Capital of Prefectures are called Barangays, Equevalent to a City.

Meanwhile, the only Metropolitan in Ruslabiya is the Concord Metropolitan (Metropolitana Concordia), on which is also the Capital of Ruslavia. The Concord Metropolitan is directly managed by the Government of Ruslavia.

Each Prefectures has its own cultures, economies and histories. But the Governance of the Prefecture is mainly based on the Central Governments policies as Ruslabiya is a Unitary Republic. In the past, when Ruslabiya is a Federation, local Government has huge autonomy over their area but to prevent future rebellion of Ruslabiyan Territories, and also on some territories terribly managed by some members of the Micronation. The Government then decided to change Ruslabiyan system into unitary so that the Central Government can directly manage the Local units.

In the Past, Ruslabiya had Vassals or Sponsored Micronations, but after the crisis of 2021–2022, those said vassals became independent.

Timeline of Leaders

Presidents of Ruslabiya from 2010-2017 and 2019 onwards

The Following below are the lists of the Ruslabiyan Presidents from 2010 to 2017 and 2019 onwards.

Party Portrait President Term Years in office Era
Gat Ramon Ychon
16 February 2010 - 16 February 2012
2 years 0 days
First Republic
No image available
John Zachary
16 February 2012 - 16 February 2014
2 years 0 days
First Republic
No image available
Hayme Rico
16 February 2014 - 16 February 2016
2 years 0 days
First Republic
No image available
Nikolai Jane
16 February 2016 - 16 February 2017
1 years 0 days
First Republic
position abolished (16 February 2017 - 16 February 2019)
No image available
General Yuri
16 February 2019 - 23 Oct 2019
8 months 7 days
Military Junta
Nationalist Party
Gat Ramon Ychon
23 October 2019 - 26 December 2022
3 years 1 month 3 days
Provisional Gov't, New Republic
Nationalist Party
Angelus I
26 December 2022 - 27 March 2023
3 months 1 day
New Republic
Nationalist Party
Gat Ramon Ychon
27 March 2023 - incumbent
Transitional Government

Vice Presidents of Ruslabiya from 2010 - 2017 and 2021 onwards

The Following below are the list of vice-presidents of Ruslabiya from 2010 to 2017 and from 2019 onwards. The position of VP during 2010-2017 exists but was not recognized by the Government until a bill was filed to the National Assembly by Assembly Member Johnathan Silverio, this is to recognize those whom had served as vice-president although the name of that office at that time is not literally called vice-president, instead second Leader or "Pangarwa nga Presidente".

Party Portrait Vice-president Term Years in office Era
No Available Image
Aljohn Ychon
16 February 2010 - 16 February 2014
4 years 0 days
First Republic
No Available Image
Ryan Britania
16 February 2014 - 16 February 2017
3 years 0 days
First Republic
Position abolished (16 February 2017 - 15 August 2021)
Jose Adriann
15 August 2021 - 9 December 2021
3 months 25 days
New Republic
No Available Image
John Mark
9 December 2021 - 30 July 2022
7 months 21 days
New Republic
Vacant (30 July 2022 - 30 December 2022)
Nationalist Party
Gat Lance Gabriel
30 December 2022 - 27 March 2023
2 months 37 days
New Republic
Position vacated (27 March 2026 - current)

Prime Ministers of Ruslabiya from 2010 onwards

The following below are the list of Prime-Ministers of Ruslabiya from 2010 onwards.

Party Portrait Prime-Minister Term Years in office Era
No image available
John Zachary
16 February 2010 - 16 February 2012
2 years 0 days
First Republic
Gat Ramon Ychon
16 February 2012 - 16 February 2019
7 years 0 days
First Republic, Monarchy
Vacant (16 February 2019 - 23 October 2019)
No image available
John Zachary
23 October 2019 - 23 May 2020
7 months 0 days
New Republic
Gat Ramon Ychon
23 May 2020 - 1 June 2020
9 days
New Republic
Gat Lance Gabriel
1 June 2020 - 15 August 2020
2 months 23 days
New Republic
Gat Ramon Ychon
15 August 2020 - 7 February 2021
5 months 23 days
New Republic
Gat Lance Gabriel
7 February 2021 - 30 July 2022
1 year 5 months 23 days
New Republic
Nationalist Party
Gat Ramon Ychon
30 July 2022 - incumbent
New Republic Transitional Government

Monarch of Ruslabiya (2017-2019)

In 2017, Republic was abolished and the Kingdom of Ruslabiya (Saburan) was established, and the House of Vegasou was established. In 2 years of its existence, the monarchy faced several challenges such as rebellion by several factions. Below is the only Monarch of Ruslabiya. Crowned Princess Nicollet Jane is King Hayme Rico's heir to teh throne.

Portrait King Reign Era
No image available King Hayme Rico 16 February 2017 - 16 February 2019 Vegasuonian Dynasty


Ruslavia, since its entirety to the international Micronational stage, had established relations with other fellow Micronations. Since 2020, Ruslavia had been active on interaction with other Micronations but after the Ruslavian crisis of 2021–2022 on which Ruslavia had seen multiple Governmental changes, its relationship to other Micronations are now since not determined. The Ruslavian Government currently trying its best to reestablish ties with other existing micronations. Based on the List of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these are the Micronations Ruslavian had diplomatic ties.

Flag Micronation Date of Establishment of Relations
Independent State of Kaleido
22 May 2020
Free Rendonese State
11 May 2020
Federation of Okasakawa
27 December 2021
Federal Republic of Luna
4 July 2020
Republic of Astanesia
7 June 2020
Kingdom of Fronecos
12 September 2020
Southern Confederation of Angosvria
1 December 2020
Kingdom of Arlandica
21 February 2023

Relations to some of the Micronations here in the list are still to be reconfirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ruslavia to the respective Micronations.

Culture and Traditions

Sadsaran Festival (photo above) celebrated in the area where Ruslavia is located every last week of January.

Filipino culture and traditions is dominant on the Ruslavian Republic especially on its belief systems. Ancient Traditions of the Philippines still present on Ruslavia like the beliefs in deities or gods present in every elements in nature. That is why the Family of Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon and the Family of Former President John Zachary conduct an annual offering to the supernatural elements present in the surroundings. Many Ruslavians believe in the existens of such entities, that is why some are too scared to go on the nearby forest of Ruslavia as they believe there is an entity lurking there. Also on the Termite nest Ruslavians sees, they consider it as a house of an Dwarf. Offending those entities by trespassing their area or destroying their home will have huge consequences to the offender. Also other supernatural entities belived by Ruslavians to exists are some of Philippines famous folklore creatures such as Tikbalang, a half horse half human entity, Kapre, the Philippine version of bigfoot but found in trees with a tobacco cigarette, Engkanto, an Mysterious Enchanted Person similar to faries, and Aswang, a Ghoul-Zombie-Vampire like creature.

Roman Catholicism is dominant in Ruslavia. But the Government does not endorce it as a State Religion. Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon stated that Ruslavia must remain secular to ensure that other minorities shall be respected and will be equally represented.

Roman Catholic festivals are famous in Ruslavia, especially on the feasts of Saints and on other important Catholic Holidays. Usually, these events are Holidays in Ruslavia. On the Current Government, Prime-Minister Gat Ramon Ychon endorses to the National Assembly to establish law creating lists of holidays officially observed in Ruslavia. It will also include non catholic holidays of other religions such as in Islam and in Buddhism.


Filipino Traditions such as "pagmamano sa mga nakakatanda", and other such traditions is observed in Ruslavia. Also the afternoon sleeping or "Siesta", also present although it is an influence of Spain to the Islands during its colonial rule.


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[2] Historical Commission of Ruslavia.

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[5] The Commission on Statistics, Ruslavia.

Furthermore, updates will be added later to the information of Ruslavian Republic.