Empire of Tailanse

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Empire of Tailanse
Импрелы нз Тайлансе
Coat of arms
Motto:  Freedom, Prosperity, Equality
Anthem: (2021 - 2023)

(2023 - Current)
Largest cityKehaburi
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Thai, Tailanse, Spanish, Lao, German
Recognised regional languages-
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
• Empreror
Vladimir I
• Empress
Piya Daengja
• Deputy PM
LegislatureLoty Council
House of Royal Family
House of Noble
Establishment8 June 2021
• 2023 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyTailanse Ruble (TLR)
Time zoneUTC+7 (RTL+0)
Internet TLDth

Tailanse, formally Empire of Tailanse, is a micronation in Southeast Asia founded on the nation of Patchena Namtri (Vladimir I) on 8 June 2021 in Bangkok, Thailand, at the leader's home district.



Tailanseland was created on 8 June 2021 under the concept of Patchena Namtri, with the idea that he would like to make a micronation in his home area. Back then, it was a monarchy state but in 12 September 2021, there was a vote to change the ideology of a country, and the socialist wins. Which making Tailanseland become a Socialist state until today.

Government and Politics


List of ministries in Tailanse
Name of Ministry Logo of Ministry Minister responsible Note
Minister Grand-Duke Regent Vaccant
Ministry of Justice and Defence Vaccant
Ministry of Finance and Commerce Vaccant
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vaccant
Ministry of Health, Social and People Vaccant
Ministry of Interior and Transport Vaccant
Ministry of Education and Culture Vaccant
Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperatives and Environment Vaccant
Ministry of Digital and Ecology Vaccant
Ministry of Industry and Labor Vaccant

Political parties

List of Tailanse Political party
Name of Party Logo of Party Leader of Party Note
Tailanse Liberalist Party Vaccant
Tailanse Democrat Party Vaccant
Tailanse Social Party Vaccant


It was severely limited to any geographic beauty due to it's size, however, it did have Province and a Capital.


Tailanse shared it's climate with Bangkok, meaning they received the same weather. Bangkok and Tailanse typically recieved the same weather and on rare occasions Tailanse climate differed from Bangkok.


Tailanse retained much of it's culture from their parenting country; Thailand.

National Animal

Currently nothing.

National Dish

Currently nothing.

National Anthem

Writed by Royal New Capanesia Band sinced 2023 after change Ideology of Tailanse.

National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day January 1 The first day of the Gregorian year.
Vladimir I Birthday's

(Father Day)

February 4 A birthday of founder and empreror, Vladimir I of Tailanse
Songkran Festival Day April 13-15 Day that celebrate songkran and fun.
Farmer's Day May, arbitrary date Ceremony giving blessing to the country's farmers.
Tailanse National Day June 8 The day Cristoria being a Kingdom for the first time in it's history.
Halloween October 31 The traditional celebration of Halloween, even though Cristoria is a Jewish nation, they still celebrate Halloween.
Teacher’s Day October 15 Special day for the appreciation of teachers and their special contributions to the society.
New Year's Eve December 31 The final day of the Gregorian year.

Foreign relations


Diplomatic Relations

Name Document Date
New Capanesia 21 March 2022