Republic of Alabamia

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Republic of Alabamia
Coat of arms
Motto: In god we trust
Anthem: God Save the President

Helena Alabama
and largest city
King City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
EstablishmentJune 29th 2021
• Census
Time zoneCST

The Republic of Alabamia, formerly known as the United States of Birming, is a Nation that has no UN recognition, so therefore making it by a Micronation. The president made the ROA initially as a joke, but he later began taking it more seriously. The country is a democratic republic, but our founder Kristopher Wallace is president for life, only the VP is elected. The Nation is made up of 4 Municipalities, King City, Creekia, Palace-tine, and the pp-grad colony. The capital is King city, which is made up of the Downtown city center, ( which is mostly in Palace-tine ) the woods and area around it that makes up the Metro area, and some pockets of land in Creekia, The actual city limits are at the 49th line, and the rest of the nation, (excluding Dicklandia) is the metropolitan area. Outside of king citym the nation consists of the right side of the home to the left of king city, the boys bathroom on the left side of our school named "Dicklandia," and the backyard of one of my friends homes. Our president has plans to vastly expand the ROA in the future, but until he moves into his new home, he cannot do so. But temporarily, we have expanded our reaches too all the homes on our block, and a large exclave of the street next to it. We also split the island of Hirta with the Radnia. The ROA is allied with the Kingdom of Nueva Esocia, and he's actually who he got the inspiration to make a micronation from. We also have diplomatic relations with the Gothic Kingdom, The Serene Canton of Radnia, The Democratic Weimar republic, Belcity, and some others. The ROA is also a member of the RANE. We recognize all UN member states With the exception of North Korea, Palestine. We do not yet have a defined list of recognized nations but a refurendum will be held on August 3.

Mythical History

When the mythical Knight, Sir Ferdinand Anderson, traveled from Spain to the newly discovered america, hoping to find riches, He decided to travel north, with Hernando De Soto on a little known expedition to Alabama and Tennessee. This is because they thought that maybe, the fountain of youth and El Dorodo were actually up north instead of in Latin america. They did not discover a city of gold, but did discover natives who led them to a land with very fertile soil. while Hernando went home, Anderson stayed, and married a Native woman and had 6 kids. These six kids, when they were in their 20s, started battling each other for who would be the next mayor after their father died. eventually Mayor Phillip Anderson came out on top, declaring the little town with about 50 people to be its own nation, and the Spanish respected this because of Ferdinand, and the natives did because of their mother. But this all came to poopy when France took over the region, and then Britain. They may have lost their independence, but the Anderson family did not give up, eventually becoming the blacksmiths. They also changed their last names to smith. In 1830, they were now so native and no longer white, they were forced to walk the trail of tears, where one son escaped unharmed, and eventually married a white woman. This went on until today, when Kris Wallace discovered all this on an OLD book. So he took it upon myself to reform the kingdom but give it his own little spiff :) ( All of this may or may not be true idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Actual History

The founder and president has had a fascination with politics, geography, and politics since 2nd grade. He pretended to be mayor of a city named "The King City" and would "fight" other cities. In the 5th grade, he discovered micronationilism. At first he wasn't interested in making his own micronation and instead liked to hear "crazy people" talk about how they thought they ruled their own nation. He also got very good connections with some other micronations such as Nueva Ecosia and The Gothic Kingdom. However, in the summer of 2021, the president remembered about all micronationilism and thought, "hmm, I should make my own Micronation." So on June 28, 2021, "The Republic Of Alabamia" was made, and the next day, changed to the "United States of Birming". We celebrate June 29 as our independence day, but we are yet to finish our declaration of independence. We reverted back to our previous name on July 13.


We are currently in the process of making our laws and are not yet done. The Constitution is expected to be done by November 2021. Until then, we simply follow the US Federal Law and the Alabama State Law.


The Military Of the ROA is made up of three branches. The Army, The Navy, and the Expeditionary Force. The Army has the job of defending our nation. The Army does not participate in invasions and is used solely for defense, while the Expeditionary force takes care of invasions and offensive warfare. The purpose of making it this way is to be able to have one force invading and having another stay back for defense. However, if we are being invaded, and it looks like we will not win, The Expeditionary Force well help with defense. The Navy is pretty self explanitory. We have 2 vessels, and may get a 3rd.


Our army Is made up of 2 soldiers. The Imperial army owns a tactical vest and a ach2007 helmet, along with airsoft guns to defend the nation from any invaders, but that's saying that invaders would actually come. Anyways, we have multiple forts along "Creekia" In the king city metro area. The president has been working on these forts before he even knew what a Micronation was. They are great firing posts if somebody came from one of our neighbors homes. there are also multiple trenches and foxholes you can fire from. If there was a battle it would be back there. Also, when the creek floods we can take the boat, the ROAS Great rafter, and row down it.


Birming’s navy currently consists of two vessels, a canoe, named the ROAS Rafter, and an inflatable float named the ROAS Shithole. The woods behind our house has multiple steams and ponds. The Navy is not yet complete, another vessel may be purchased soon but that is unknown. It is also unknown if the new location of the micronation will have any bodies of water.

Flag of the Alabamian Navy

The Gothic Kingdom

A nice nation We're allied with, suprisingly doesn't have a microwiki page yet. They are located in Oklahoma.

Religion & politics

Everybody in the nation is christian, but the country has freedom of religion. Anyways, political wise, since we are a democratic republic, we tend to side with nations that have political views simmillar to ours, and disagree with communists and fascists. In times of war, we will almost always side with more conservative, democratic nations, unless what they are doing is very wrong and the president/leader is a very bad person.

Moving locations

We are moving homes, so we must move the location of our micronation from it's current location, to the new home. The Great Push, is expected to go into action in August 2021. Like I said in the Navy section, it is unknown if our new location will have any water sources, or any woods behind it needed in order to make forts. The layout of the home is also unknown. We're sending a scouting mission to the new location in August. Although we are faced with such uncertainty we have been mostly unphased.