Kingdom of Valcia-Walatia

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The Kingdom of Valcia-Walatia
Motto: For the Lord God, Christ and The Holy Spirit in Heaven!
Anthem: Molitva Russkikh (The Prayer of the Russians) by Vasily Zhukovsky
File:United States
and largest city
Sankt John
Official languagesRomanian, Chinese, English, German, Russian
Demonym(s)Valcian-Walatian, Valco-Walatian
GovernmentChristian Legionary Monarchy
LegislatureTsar Iacov I
• (as of 2020 census) census
CurrencyUSD/ Nazarethenian Ruble
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is an Imperial subject of Nazarethenia This nation is a member of the LCM

The Kingdom of Valcia-Walatia, more commonly known as Valcia-Walatia, Valco-Walatia, and The Valco-Walatian Kingdom, is a micronation in North America... It was founded as an Independent Puppet State by Iacov Zakharov-Preobrazhesky on 12-14-2020. The Throne of Valcia-Walatia is subordinate to the Throne of Nazarethenia.


Valcia-Walatia shares its army and resources with Nazarethenia due to it being a Imperial Commissariat of Nazarethenia.

Geography and climate

Warm, Rainy.


Valcia-Walatia has a stable economy.

Culture and media

A very nationalist and religious people with Christianity everywhere.

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