2020 Alrodnia legislative election

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2020 Alrodnia Legislative Election

← 2019 31 October 2020 (2020-10-31) 2021 →

All 5 seats of the DPNB
3 seats needed for a majority
Turnout100% ( 11.11 pp)
  First party Second party
Leader Syarif I.M Ars R.
Party Alrodnia Social Party Alrodnia People's Democratic Party
Leader since 2018 2020
Leader's seat Apisia Pasefek
Seats won 3 2
Seat change 1 New Party
Popular vote 5 4
Percentage 55.55% 44.44%

Alrodnia Map After Election, Results of the election by state. blue indicates states won by Ars R.(PDRA), and red indicates states won by Syarif I.M (PSLA)

Prime Minister before election

Udin R.R
Alrodnia Social Party

Elected Prime Minister

Syarif I.M
Alrodnia Social Party

The 2020 Alrodnia Legislative Election, is a Senate election conducted by the people directly.

3 Seats Required for a Party to Win in the Senate


Party % Seats
Alrodnia Social Party 55.56 3
Alrodnia People's Democratic Party 44.44 2
Total 100 5

2020 Alrodnia Presidential Election

Alrodnia's Presidential Election Conducted a Direct Election System, the Candidates were Ars R. (PDRA) and Udin R. R (PSLA)

Events in Elections

The establishment of PDRA

The establishment of PDRA, the Alrodnia Opposition Party started with President Pasefek who fled from his country in Pasefek to live a better life, He also founded the New Opposition Party PDRA, the Alrodnia People's Democratic Party, PSLA, the Central Party of Alrodnia Considering This Not a Serious Thing for the Party, and so that Not Reducing the General Election Conflict said PSLA, on October 31, 2020, he added again

Flag Of PDRA

Alrodnia Social Party (PSLA)

The Central Party of Alrodnia (PSLA) is the party that became the central party in Alrodnia, but after the emergence of a new party, PDRA, they must hold elections so that there is no conflict



The Campaign Begins On July 6, 2020, But Even So PSLA Keeps Saying That He Will Conduct Elections Without A Campaign, Because PSLA Believes He Will Be in the Majority, And It's True

PDRA Campaign

PDRA campaigns are more frequent than PSLA campaigns, and they think it is more difficult because the party is new, but they say they will try their best