2021 American Presidential Election

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2021 American Presidential Election

← none 14–20 January 2021 2023 →
  Image of Franz Xaver Jacob.jpg
Nominee Franz Xaver Jacob R.J Bratt
Party Movement for Democracy Socialist Party of America
Alliance Libertarian Left Union of Socialist Parties
Home state Midwest Administrative Region Western Administrative Region
Running mate Herbert Buß None
Popular vote 8 5
Percentage 16.3% 10.1%

File:Elbelmofthe SAR.png
Results of the election by region. Blue indicates states won by Jacob/Buß, and red indicates states won by R.J Bratt.

President before election


Elected President


The 2020 American Presidential Election will take place on 14 January 2021. It will be the first presidential election since the founding of the Second American Republic. The Movement for Democracy ticket of President Franz Xaver Jacob and Prime Minister Herbert Buß is defeating the Socialist Party of America ticket of Governer R.J Bratt.


After the removal of the American Imperial Monarchy, Franz Xaver Jacob was declared President of Second American Republic by the provisional parliament. He immediately called for elections on 13 January 2021 however due to the lack of time for an election night coverage, voting will be ended on 20 January 2021.

General election campaign

Franz Xaver Jacob’s campaign focused heavily on his support of the Black Lives Matter movement and fighting climate change. This was mostly due to this being the sole subject in the debate and because R.J Bratt had, had a significant drop in support in the polls following his poor debate performance. The Jacob campaign, led by Herbert Buß, decided to attack R.J's debate performance, thinking this would lead to another drop in the polls. The Jacob campaign made a poster attacking R.J Bratt's stances on raising taxes. The campaign also made a poster stating that Jacob supported fighting climate change and another one saying that the Movement for Democracy was for all Americans.

R.J Bratt’s campaign focused heavily on several themes, including a free market, increased military spending, gun rights, restrictions on abortion, deregulation, and completing the reforms started by the Movement for Democracy. The campaign focused heavily on its policies instead of attacking the Jacob campaign.


Movement for Democracy

The Movement for Democracy is the incumbent party in the election. The MFD nominees are supported by the .


2020 Movement for Democracy ticket

Franz Xaver Jacob Herbert Buß
for President for Vice President
Image of Franz Xaver Jacob.jpg
President of the Second American Republic
Prime Minister of the Second American Republic
Franz Xaver Jacob for President.png