2022 New Corando and New Hanchih presidential election

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2022 New Corando and New Hanchih presidential election

← 2020 23 Jan 2022 2022 →
Turnout85% (24 out of 27 citizens)
Candidate GengHao Yang Tzai-An Juang
Party Renovation Democratic Party People's Power Union
Popular vote 14 10
Percentage 61% 39%

President before election

Gyeong-Ming Han
HanKon Democratic Party → Independent

Elected President

GengHao Yang
Renovation Democratic Party

The 2022 New Corando and New Hanchih presidential election was an election held in the Federal Republic of the New Corando and New Hanchih on 23 Jan 2022. The election was first proposed to be held on 20 Dec 2021, the same day as the 2019 and 2020 presidential elections were held. But due to the seriousness of COVID-19, it had been postponed to be held no later than 1 Feb 2022, and finally decided to be held on 23 Jan 2022. Incumbent president Gyeong-Ming Han has announced that he won't seek the fourth term in his presidency, while he has also become politically independent after the dissolution of the Hanchih Democratic Front.

With a turn-out of 85%, the previous speaker of the Central Council, GengHao Yang from the Renovation Democratic Party, which was broke up from the dissolved Hanchih Democratic Front, defeating People's Power Union candidates Tzai-An Juang.

The Central Council Election was also held on the same day.


The last presidential election was held on 20 Dec 2020, in which President Gyeong-Ming Han win for the second time by receiving 61.5% of the vote, starting the third term of his presidency. While as this time most people think that Gyeong-Ming Han would lead the Hanchih Democratic Front and win again.

However, during the discussion of the Prime Minister appointment of De-Youg Lee on 28 June 2021, since Lee is a center-left politician, this has made those who have the political position of center feel disappointed with the party, laying down the break up of the Hanchih Democratic Front.

During the constitution amendment discussion in 2021, the center-leftist and centrist finally broke up, they formed Renovation Democratic Party and New Democratic Party on their own. Both parties also announced that they will consider joining the presidential election. This has made it even harder for the central-leftist party to win the presidential election.

On the other hand, the People's Power Union has tried on gaining support by proposing several policies, including revitalizing the country. This has become more effective when the Hanchih Democratic Front was affected by the arguments. Therefore it was predicted that the PPU might replace the leadership that was owned by the central-leftist party.

On 7 Jan 2022, under the request of Prime Minister De-Youg Lee, the Central Council opened a conference. During the Conference, it was agreed that the presidential election will be postponed to be held no later than 1 Feb 2022. During the conference, the details of registration to the election and other information are also provided.

While on 14 Jan 2022, under another request of Prime Minister Lee, the Central Council finally decided that the election of both Central Council and President will be held on 23 Jan 2022, and the inauguration ceremony will be held on 24 Jan 2022.


Renovation Democratic Party (RDP)

The Renovation Democratic Party was the ruling party of the republic since its establishment in December 2021, mainly inheriting the political status of the Hanchih Democratic Front. The Party is also the current iteration of a long line of NCNHC's central-leftist party. However, the broke-up between the center-leftist and centrist before it's forming made many people predict that it will lose further ground in the presidential election.

But things and situations changed in Early-Jan 2022 when the Renovation Democratic Party formed an election alliance with the New Democratic Party which was formed by the centrist after they broke up. While both parties agreed that they will join the presidential election using RDP's name. This had helped to regain the support of the center-leftist tent.

After the long discussion between the party about the candidates, GengHao Yang, the Speaker of the Central Council from the Renovation Democratic Party become the candidate, defeating Chingning Huang, the leader of the New Democratic Party at that time.

  • GengHao Yang - The 2nd Speaker of the Central Council, member of the Central Council
  • Chingning Huang - Member of the Central Council.