8.24 civil war

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8.24 Civil War is a militaristic civil war and riot committed by Khabib Nurmagomedov in Kortosh on August 24, 2019 in People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh


Power changed

At 8 a.m. on August 24, 2019, Khabib appeared in the Kortosh chat room. On the previous day, when there was a proposal related to the change of national title by Sahadi Atsalah-Malairov, the secretary-general also asked Khabib for his opinion on the change of national title. Khabib replied that if he took power, he will change everything from Kortosh's national name. In the meantime, the secretary general, who judged that Kortosh's condition was peaceful, lifted the emergency situation issued the previous day, which this happen did not expect to be the source of the problem.

Khabib quickly asked him to give a "highest authority." However, at that time, the election schedule was in progress and the voting schedule was not made, so they had no choice but to wait. But they were impatient. In this situation, the secretary-general recognized Khabib, Sawadi, and Jin Won-ho as agent of Kortosh. In response to the continued urge, the secretary general eventually decided to announce it within the day and asked to wait. But, the Russian Party urged the election to proceed quickly. After contemplating something, the chief secretary asked Khabib and Sawadi if they were in favor of the impeachment of Cabinet Prime Minister Kim Eun-ho, and they all agreed. Eventually, the secretary-general decided that Kim Eun-ho could no longer maintain power and declared suspension of his duties, and soon Kim Eun-ho was handed over all his authority as Prime Minister to Kim Eun-seok, the only member of the parliament at the time. The Russian party members who watched the deprivation of authority cheered. In response, Hwang-Do-Gyeong, president of the Freetown Socialist Federal Republic, objected to the above situation, and Khabib expressed his intention to war and invade, asking for located of FSFR. Since then, the Russian Party also demanded that the election be held in a hurry, and the secretary-general, who failed to win, issued Emergency Measure No. 1 to forcibly register Jin Won-ho and Sawadi as candidates in the Gwan-Dong-Bu, Kortosh's district, and proceed with the election. Meanwhile, Jin Won-ho left the Kortosh official chat room. However, Khabib began to prove himself that he had been decorating something since then. When Khabib asked 'who is representative of Kortosh now', the secretary-general reminded him that he was talking to President FSFR. Afterwards, the secretary-general replied that it has already become a fait accompli that Khabib is the next Prime Minister of the Cabinet. Upon hearing this, Khabib began to run wild more before, but so far, there had been no problem. Khabib demanded that he came to power right now. Secretary-General remembered everything that the Russian Party had done in its last diplomacy, so he did not try to pass the real power. The request of the secretary general was very simple. Don't cause war. The secretary-general asked Khabib to always remind him of what to do to benefit Kortosh, saying, "If you take to the real power, you also have the authority to appoint, and you must maintain a cautious position in diplomacy." The secretary-general asked Khabib to prepare an oath of office to take an oath at the inauguration ceremony.

Khabib's explosion

Khabib returned at 12:24 p.m., about an hour after the minister's request, and began to appeal that he was in power. Khabib protested not to interfere and said he was ready to answer questions about the Secretary-General's declaration of office. The secretary-general told Khabib that it was advice, not interference. President of FSFR also gave Khabib sincere advice, but Khabib ignored it, and the secretary-general felt something was wrong from then on. The secretary-general detected a something bad feeling and attempted to focus Khabib's spirit on the inauguration ceremony in the future.

The secretary general said it was impossible right now, but Khabib asked to do it right away. However, since there was no time on that day, the secretary-general suggested that we prepare more and hold an inauguration ceremony even if it was simple. However, Khabib forced the secretary-general to hold an inauguration ceremony immediately, thinking about wielding power. The secretary general, who failed to win, came up with an idea. Originally, Kim Eun-ho was impeached and the agency authority was handed over to Kim Eun-seok, the only remaining member of the parliament, which Kim Eun-seok could not carry out due to circumstances. The secretary-general tried to give Khabib this ambiguous power. And after months of preparation, it was decided to hold an inauguration ceremony. The secretary-general seemed to have succeeded in turning Khabib's attention to the inauguration ceremony, but...

The problem was from then on. Khabib suddenly began ordering secretary-general to change Kortosh official chat room to the name "Russian chat room." The secretary general and presidents of other micronations were embarrassed by what happened in an instant. The secretary-general tried to stop Khabib, saying he was supposed to discuss the change of national title later, but he was stubborn. Russia is already the name of a full-time UN member state, so the secretary general protested that it could not be accepted. Khabib then responded, saying, "Russia is already a name of nation, so I will use Lussian to our nation name." Khabib forced participants in the chat room to change the name of the chat room to the official chat room in Russia without the permission of the secretary-general. Until then, polar forces just trying to change the name of the chat room within Kortosh would have been accepted as a simple attempt to change the name of the chat room. But...

Khabib saw the photo posted by the Ildo conference hall, changed the name of the official Kortosh chat room to "Official Russian chat room" according to Khabib's instructions, and began to be more ambitious when he saw the photo that captured it. Khabib finally began to show an unprecedented situation in Kortosh history.