A1 Broadcasting Commission

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A1 Broadcasting Commission

Type: Partially Government-owned Entity
Founded 14 September 2009
Disestablished April 2012
Founder: A1 Ministry of Culture
Channels: Channel 1
Channel 2
Headquarters: New Central (A1)
Motto: "From A1, for A1"
Website: Official Website

The A1 Broadcasting Commission, often abbreviated to A1BC, was officially founded on 14 September 2009, after the A1 Government decided to supplement the highly successful A1 News Service by establishing A1's first television station. It was disestablished in April 2012.


The A1BC was born out of the idea of supplementing the A1NS with a more diverse medium of media. This idea grew beyond the A1NS and establish an entirely new entity that would control the content shown on the A1BC, which would include more than just news.

The A1BC had a strict policy of broadcasting only A1-made content, and did not allow the rebroadcasting of other publicly available content.


The A1BC records many events around A1, both government and non-government, and is utilised by many institutions.

It commissioned its own productions, as well as taking requests from the A1 Government.

A1 Documentary

The A1BC was commissioned by the A1 Government to produce a multi-part documentary on A1 and its protectorates. This was entitled 'A Profile of A1' in three parts:

A1 Weather Bureau Weather Information Series

In April 2010, the A1 Weather Bureau commissioned a 'Weather Information Series', to educate A1's citizens about basic concepts of weather. There were three parts to the series:

  • Part 1 - Cloud identification
  • Part 2 - Temperature predictions
  • Part 3 - Extreme weather events

A1BC News

The 3rd February 2011 brought the publication of the pilot edition of A1BC News, which ran for about four minutes. Following a positive reaction to this, the first edition was released on 5 February. The production was a fortnightly summary of the news for that fortnight, as well as weather for the following few days. It was designed to contain humorous elements alongside the 'serious' news stories.

A second season was announced in June 2011 but only produced two episodes before being suspended and then dropped from production altogether. However, the popular show was re-launched in March 2012, as a third season was commissioned. This season also produced only two episodes before production was cut after the departure of John Hogg from A1.

Three and a Half Minutes

Three and a Half Minutes was a mini-series parodying sensationalist 'current affairs' television shows, especially those in Australia. The name of the show was itself a parody of the prominent current affairs show, '60 Minutes'. The show involved the show's reporters going after totally implausible, ridiculous or insignificant stories, often hounding people in the process.

The show was broadcast immediately after all episodes of A1BC News in Season 2 and production ended in late 2011 with a special final episode.

Don't Take Rugs

A short mock advertisement was created in November 2011 called 'Don't Take Rugs', a parody of the common phrase used in anti-drugs government advertising, 'Don't Take/Use Drugs'. The ad was neither for nor against drugs themselves, and involved the camera crew following a 'rug user' called 'Jim' in his various activities relating to using rugs, including a police raid and a drug deal.


The A1BC maintained one YouTube channel (Channel 1). The original Livestream channel was decommissioned in April 2010, due to "redundancy issues", but was re-activated in August 2010 as 'Channel 2', for "longer videos and live broadcasting".