Air Force Board (Wellmoore)

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The Air Force Board is responcible for the management of The Royal Wellmoorean Air Force.

Air Force Board
Conselho da Força Aérea
Agency overview
Formed26th of September 2021
JurisdictionHM's Government of Wellmoore
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence, Midnight City
Minister responsible
Agency executive
Parent departmentChiefs of Staff Commitee
Parent agencyMinistry of Defence


The Air Force Board was founded on the 26th of September 2021 by King Luke of Wellmoore.


The duties of the Air Force Board include:

Membership of the Board

Civilian Members

RWAF Members

RWAF Staff on the Air Force Board
Title Rank NATO Rank
Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal OF-9
Deputy Commander Capability Air Marshal OF-8
Deputy Commander of Operations Air Marshal OF-8
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Director of Legal Services Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Air Member for Materiel and Chief of Materiel Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Director of Resources Civilian
Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer Warrant Officer OR-9

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