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Official logo

Headquarters Kingdom of Domum

Motto To explain the unexplained

Membership 1

Managing Director

Darkovar Neconstantianeski

Foundation January 22 2012
Websites Domanglia's website

The Agency for the Investigation and Research of Paranormal and Odd Stuff (AIRPOS), most commonly known as simply Airpos, is a Domanglian government agency that investigates the paranormal and unexplained. It is the second known micronational agency of its kind.[1]


Airpos was created to research and investigate the paranormal. "I want to know the secrets of the universe, to explain the unexplained. To find the truth. Airpos can help me find that truth" said the Managing Director and founder of the agency, Darkovar Neconstantianeski. Airpos was the second micronational entity to research the unexplained,[1] and has been doing its job proudly since its creation.


Airpos researches and investigates any paranormal, strange happenings. Their research may include (but is not limited to): ufology (the study of UFOs), exobiology (the study of life on other planets), spectrology (the study of ghosts, phantoms or apparitions), cryptozoology (the study and searching of animals unknown to science), the study of telepathy, the study of the theory of magic (eg. studying wizardry, witchcraft, ect.), the study of the undead (eg. zombies, vampires, demons ect.).

Airpos veiws the Unexplained in a scientific way, without proper evidence nothing can be proved. "That's why Airpos exists-" says the founder and Managing Director of the agency "-to find that evidence. If it exists, that is. We want to know the truth, inquisity powers Airpos".

Upcoming Projects

Airpos is currently studying Wicca and witchcraft, and has been doing such since February. After that the Managing Director has said he has plans to investigate the myth of the Bell Witch ghost.

  1. 1.0 1.1 W14 has a founding date of April 28th, 2010, predating AIRPOS. No other paranormal agencies or organizations have been founded.