Alyek Khan

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Alyek Khan
Khan of Centristan, Grand Duke of Kazakhstan, Duke of Uzbekistan, Count of Tashkent
1st Khan of Centristan
Reign6 July 2016 - present
Coronation7 July 2016
PredecessorOffice Established
Grand Duke of Kazakhstan
Reign8 November 2010 - present
PredecessorMaik Khan
Count of Tashkent
Reign6 October 1999 - 8 November 2010
PredecessorOffice Established
SuccessorShahzoda Khan
Duke of Uzbekistan
Reign19 February 2005 - 8 November 2010
PredecessorBuyuk Fors
SuccessorShahzoda Khan
Born6 October 1999 (1999-10-06) (age 24)
Qarshi, Kashkadarya, Uzbekistan

Alyek Khan is the first and incumbent king of Centristan. On his birth, he was given the title of Count of Tashkent. On his father's abdication in favor of his son, Alyek Khan became Grand Duke of Kazakhstan. Alyek successfully united all the countries of Central Asia into one, and on 6 July 2016, declared them the Kingdom of Centristan.