Anjuna Dream

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Anjuna Dream
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
Released14 March 2013
RecordedApril 2012 - February 2013, The Bedroom
Ambient dub
ProducerScott Harwood
Previous albumSpacial Effects (2012)
This albumAnjuna Dream (2013)
Next albumSounds of the Solstice (2014)

Anjuna Dream is the twentieth album created by Scott Harwood. The album is distributed on the Shedpop label.


In contrast to Harwood's previous albums, which usually took one or two days to record and release, Anjuna Dream had taken ten months. The album was mostly recorded in The Bedroom, however part of 'Ritual' was recorded at the nearby Catacol Bay Hotel.

The full album was released on the 14 March 2013, however 'Ritual' was released on YouTube on the 1 January 2013. The full album was uploaded to YouTube on the 20 May 2015, and SoundCloud on the 23 June 2015. The album was also released on CD on the 14 November 2015, making it Harwood's first CD release.


Anjuna Dream is Harwood's second soundtrack album. The album documents the journey of an unidentified stoner after lighting up a chillum after a party in Anjuna, Goa. The stoner descends into his Anjuna Dream, where he meets the Shaman of the Trees and the Shaman of the Seas. They invite him to take part in a Ritual, which leaves him with a Liquified Sense of Distortion: he is confused by the sudden appearance of Awesome Squiggly Lines. His vision settles briefly, however he is attacked by the Dream Murdering Tyrants. The attack sends him into The Fade Back to Reality, where his Anjuna Dream ends.


The album makes heavy use of (often heavilly-modified) samples.

Anjuna Dream

  • Gula Joshur - "Gamelan"

Shaman of the Seas


  • Reformator - "Aum"
  • Billy Pfrommer - "Bonfire Drums"

Liquified Sense of Distortion

  • Hawkwind - "The Wizard Blew His Horn"

The Fade Back to Reality

  • Brian Eno - "Becalmed"
  • Gula Joshur - "Gamelan"
  • Tangerine Dream - "Rubycon, Part Two"

Track listing

All tracks were written and produced by Scott Harwood.

  1. "Anjuna Dream" (04:51)
  2. "Shaman of the Trees" (04:38)
  3. "Shaman of the Seas" (03:33)
  4. "Ritual" (02:52)
  5. "Liquified Sense of Distortion (LSD)" (04:21)
  6. "Awesome Squiggly Lines" (01:26)
  7. "Dream Murdering Tyrants (DMT)" (03:39)
  8. "The Fade Back to Reality" (03:03)


  • Native Instruments Reaktor 5
  • GarageBand for iPhone
  • Audacity


  • This is Harwood's first album that featured the notable use of Audacity.
  • 'Shaman of the Trees' was originally created to be used in Hamish Finlay's short film 'The Trees are Out to Get You': it was rejected.
  • 'Ritual' was partially recorded during Guy Fawkes Night at the Catacol Bay Hotel in 2012.
  • Despite the soundtrack being set in India, 'Liquified Sense of Distortion' is the only track on the album to be written in RAGA.
  • Samples from Can's 'Oh Yeah' and Gong's 'Flying Teapot' were to be used in 'Awesome Squiggly Lines' and 'Dream Murdering Tyrants': these were rejected by Harwood.
  • 'The Fade Back to Reality' does not feature any sounds that were originally created by Harwood.