Ashukov Central Bank

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The Ashukov Central Bank
Ашуковски Централски Банкат
Headquarters Agiopolis, Mouzilo (de facto)
Established June 13, 2013
Chairman Manolis Afentoulis
Central bank of Ashukov Federation
Currency Ashukov Denar
Country of origin Ashukovo

The Ashukov Central Bank (Ashukov: Ашуковски Централски Банкат, АЦБ) is the national central bank of the Ashukov Federation. Its Headquarters are located in Agiopolis, Mouzilo, with several branches across the country. The ACB was founded in June 2013 but has remained pretty idle since. Activity resumed in May 2014. The bank's current chairman is Manolis Afentoulis.

ABC's main tasks are to:

  • Formulate, adopt and execute the monetary policy of Ashukovo.
  • Hold and manage the official foreign exchange reserves of Afghanistan.
  • Print and issue Denar banknotes and coins.
  • Act as banker and adviser to, and as fiscal agent of the State.
  • License, regulate and supervise banks, foreign exchange dealers, money service providers, payment system operators, securities service providers, securities transfer system operators.
  • Establish, maintain and promote sound and efficient systems for payments, for transfers of securities issued by the State or ACB, and for the clearing and settlement of payment transactions and transactions in such securities.
  • Accept foreign bank applications from banks that wish to operate in Ashukovo.