Ausverian Fatherland Party

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Ausverian Fatherland Party
ChairmanFredrick M.
Founded23 May 2019
Preceded byNone
Headquarters Brittany, Ausveria
Membership (2022)13
IdeologyState socialism
Traditionalist Catholicism
ColorsBlue, gold

The Ausverian Fatherland Party is the dominant political party in Ausveria. It was founded by Fredrick M., the Chancellor of Ausveria. He is the party leader, and also the Chancellor. The Fatherland Party is also the sole legal party in Ausveria since its founding (however several illegal parties are allowed to exist).

Party Policies

The top priority of the Fatherland Party is the preservation of the traditional cultures of Ausveria and the industrializing and revolutionizing of the Ausverian economy, creating a planned economic system, instating a set of various youth programs, for future children that would be part of Ausveria, the official creation of Ausverian national holidays, and the strengthening and liberation of the Ausverian working class. Additionally the spreading and strengthening of the Catholic faith is one of the core tenants of the party. As of recent times, the AFP has pursued a policy of environmentalism. (in 2020 the idea of making Ausveria eco-fascist was thrown around but abandoned due to the capitalist nature of fascism).

The goal of Ausverian Ideology is to combine the future (Socialism) and the past (Traditionalism) to create a perfect present

— Chancellor Fredrick M.


The AFP was officially founded on May 23, 2019 however de facto did not properly exist until 2020. After the official creation of the AFP it was largely left inactive until March 2022 when the Ausverian government finally started properly working on the Ausverian Volkskammer. Following the passing of the Ausverian Political Plurality Act on 12 April 2022 the AFP within the Volkskammer was divided into 3 sub factions.

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