Baltimorian Empire

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Baltimorian Empire
Flag of Baltimore
LocationWestern Pomerania, Poland
CapitalNew Baltima
LargestNew Baltima
Official languages
  • English
  • Baltimorian
• King
Oscar Dominik K.
• Establishment
2 July 2020
• 2021 estimate
CurrencyBaltic Złoty (BZL)
Time zoneCET
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Baltimorian Empire, more commonly known as Baltimore, is a micronation in West Pomeranian Region, Poland. It was created 2 July 2020, by one man called, Oscar. As of 30 July 2021 Baltimore has 26 people "taking part".


The Name originates from two things: The Baltic Sea that we are close to, and a secondary side of water more water (Szczecin Lagoon).


The Micronation was started 2 July 2020, Which also was the first time presidential elections were held, which Oscar won with 89% of votes.

5 December 2020 was the date of the first major war of the micronation, The Uznam Island War, in which two micronations, Baltimore Republic and West Ahlbeck fought for 2 Weeks and after that 19 December 2020 marked the date of the war in which Baltimore Won and annexed West Ahlbeck and made it as an autonomous region of West Ahlbeck.

Politics and government

Law and order

There are three political groups in the micronation: Federal unity party, Baltic unity, Maximist platform of workers. The most in favor of the people is Baltic unity and the least is Maximist Platform of Workers.

Foreign relations

Our relations with foreign micronations are fairly good, we are neutral after the Uznam island war, but if someone attacks us, we are ready to defend our land.


Our military consists of: 3 Land soldiers and 2 naval crew workers, we use Wooden swords and Axes and Nerf blasters.