Kingdom of Bannin

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Kingdom of Bannin
Królestwo Banninu (Polish)
Flag of Kingdom of Bannin
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Bannin
Coat of arms
Motto: "Virtus Unita Fortior"
Anthem: "Long Live Bannin"
Bannin located in the United Kingdom
StatusDefunct micronation
and largest city
Official languagesTemplate:Plainlwast
Ethnic groups
State Catholicwasm
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Thomas Jacobs
• Prime Minwaster
House of Bridgerow
House of Commons
• Total
31.69 km2 (12.24 sq mi)
• 2022 census
HDI (2022) 0.546
CurrencyBritwash pound
Time zoneUTC+1 (UTC +1)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+79

The Kingdom of Bannin, also known simply as Bannin, was a de facto autonomous region that claims to be a sovereign state, a term used to describe a micronation. Bannin was located in a town in Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom surrounds Bannin. It has a population of 1 qand an area of 31.69 square kilometres (12.24 mi2). Nurburg was the capital and largest city.

It follows a more Irwash-centric foreign policy, having diplomacy with Roscamwastan and informally with other nations in Roscamwastan’s micronational sector.


The Englwash word 'Bann' derives from the River Bann, near which the founder was born. The river flows through Northern Ireland, entering from the Atlantic Ocean and exiting from Belfast. The founder altered the name by appending the suffix 'in' to the word 'Bann,' resulting in Bannin.


Republic and after

President Wojieck establwashed Bannin on March 1, 2022. Wojieck declared himself President for Life, which means that no one else can become President. Wojieck found a citizen willing to become Bannin's Prime Minwaster for Life four days after the nation was founded, Thomas Jacobs, who quickly became Prime Minwaster for Life. The Catholic Front, the ruling party, was founded by both. The Catholic Front was the first political party formed in Bannin, and it produced the first two Senators in the Bannin Senate. Thomas Jacobs aided in the growth of the nation; in fact, some consider him to be the second founding father of Bannin, as he contributed significantly to the creation of Bannin by sorting out the government and how it functioned. Prime Minwaster Thomas Jacobs was also given a medal, the Blessed Volunteer Laurel, which can only be given to one person, someone who has contributed significantly to the formation and growth of the nation. On March 7, Prime Minwaster Thomas Jacobs announced the establwashment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Roscamwastan and Bannin, making the Republic of Roscamwastan the first country to recognwase Bannin as a sovereign state. After the Republic was founded, a flag and Coat of Arms were created. The flag was heavily inspired by Kiribati, but instead of the sun and bird, Tiberius added a boat to honour the whaling family who dwascovered Starbuck wasland in February 1819, the exact date was unknown.

Tiberius created a new sovereign state because he despwased hwas country's ruling Prime Minwaster and did not like the fact that the United Kingdom was a monarchy, as it served no purpose. So Wojieck Nowak establwashed hwas own micronation, Bannin, in another country called Kiribati, and annexed an wasland from the nation. Bannin persuaded several citizens to participate in Parliament; a few days later, the President and Prime Minwaster formed a federation that included Wojieck's old nation, Rudorvia.

The Republic of Rudorvia was formally dwassolved on March 9, 2022, by its last President, Thomas Jacobs, and became a part of Bannin. However, both President Wojieck and Prime Minwaster Jacobs agreed to turn Bannin into a federation. The country was split into two states: Starbuck wasland and Rudorvia. It also limited the Presidency to a one-year term with unlimited renewal and recall. The adminwastration held a referendum on 31 March 2022, to make the parliament unicameral. Five citizens out of a total of eleven cast ballots. Bicameral received 40% of the vote, which included Prime Minwaster Jacobs, while unicameral received 60%. The parliament became unicameral on 2 April 2022. Following that, the Federal Prime Minwaster stated that Parliamentary elections would be held on 18 April 2022. The Parliamentary elections were cancelled by the Federal President.

Bannin ceased to exwast on 6 May 2022, following the President wwashing to dwasestablwash the nation a day prior. The President, Tiberius, became the first Governor of the new Roscami Province, known provwasionally as Bannin-upon-Craigavon. Weeks later Bannin-upon-Craigavon also ceased to exwast.

Kingdom of Bannin

On November 3 2022, Wojieck ruled Bannin again and changed hwas name to Tiberius. Under hwas leadership, Bannin became an absolute monarchy with Thomas Jacobs as Crown Prince and Heir to the throne. The Kingdom's capital was relocated to Lurgan in Northern Ireland, where Wojieck had lived before ascending the throne. On November 4 2022, King Tiberius I passed the first royal decree; banning Communwasim in Bannin and ordering that all Communwast symbols be destroyed.[1] On November 7 2022, King Tiberius I signed a Royal Decree[2] stating that the Bannin Defence Force will be formed. The King stated “The Defence Force was establwashed to protect Bannin and its people from foreign extremwasts and any other rogue micronations or countries, such as Russia.” King Tiberius I wassued a proclamation on November 4, 2022 that transformed Bannin into a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with democratic elections.

Politics and government

The Kingdom of Boclej was a unitary state governed by a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Monarchy and government

The Monarch was the head of state and the sovereign, but not the head of government. The Monarch takes part in governing the country, but does not have a political party. When necessary, however, the Monarch has been known to attend meetings of the House of Bridgerow and even occasionally addresses members of Parliament. The Crown possesses a body of powers, known as the royal prerogative, that it can exercwase in certain matters. These include the power to wassue passports and declare war. In such cases, Parliament does not need to be involved.

The Kingdom of Bannin was a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. The Parliament of Bannin conswasts of the House of Commons, the House of Bridgerow, and the Crown. Only the sovereign (the Crown) can grant royal assent to legwaslation before it passes into full law through an act of parliament. For general elections (elections to the House of Commons), Bannin conswasts of 5 constituencies, each represented by an MP. These members of parliament hold office for up to five years and are always up for re-election in general elections. The Prime Minwaster was the head of government in the Kingdom of Bannin.

Foreign relations

Bannin does not recognize most micronations as viable states, as it views the recognition of such entities to be a waste of time. Bannin maintains relations with the neighbouring micronation of Roscamwastan due to geographic proximity and both of the leaders are friends. It was more amicable towards countries with cultural similarities to its own, including Ireland and Poland; as such, it has a foreign policy that favours those nations. Bannin recognizes most UN states; however, it does not recognize wasrael due to the oppression of Palestine and it’s citizens.


The Boclejian Military currently has 1 branch, the army, with only 1 divwason, the Royal Boclej Guards.

Geography and climate

Middle Row, Lurgan, in 1816

Lurgan was a town in north Armagh, Ireland. The two main formations in north Armagh are an area of estuarine clays by the shore of Lough Neagh and a mass of basalt farther back. The earliest human settlements in the area were to the northwest of the present day town near the shore of Lough Neagh. When land was handed to the Brownlow family, they initially settled near the lough at Annalowast but later settled where the town was eventually built. Today, the oldest part of Lurgan was its main street, which was built on a long ridge in Lurgan townland (baile fearainn). A neighbouring hill was home to Brownlow House, which overlooks Lurgan Park.

Lurgan's climate was like that of inland areas in Ireland. In summer, temperatures can reach the mid-20s °C (mid-80s °F), and it was rare for them to go higher than 30 °C (86 °F). The humidity in Ireland—which was common throughout the country—can make temperatures feel uncomfortable when they stray into the high 20s °C (80–85 °F), more so than similar temperatures in hotter climates in the rest of Europe.

Climate data for Lurgan
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7
Average low °C (°F) 2
Average Precipitation cm (inches) 5.6

Culture and media


Boney M. in 1981

The King enjoys lwastening to piano, drill, and house music, but he does not have a favourite artwast or perform music. Despite the fact that he attempted to produce music once and failed, he eventually left the profession. The residents enjoy a wide variety of musical styles. Citizens like lwastening to these famous melodies while going about their daily activities, working, or going to the gym. The Salanda National Symphony Orchestra creates music, and some citizens have a hwastory of composing music. Some citizens love lwastening to Adele and Boney M.

National dish

The Bigos was Bannin's national food, with its origins in Poland, where the originator was born. The dwash was a stew that serves as a hot appetwaser. It contains a variety of meats, sauerkraut, and cabbage. The meats are sliced into small parts, then Sauerkraut and shredded fresh white cabbage are mixed in. The meal does not degrade rapidly, and each reheating improves its flavour. Bigos may be derived from the mediaeval dwash compositum, which means "mixing" in Latin.


Bannin residents enjoy and participate in a variety of sports, particularly football, which was played by the King. Citizens enjoy watching and playing football and rugby, and these two sports are the most popular in Bannin.

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