Battle of Fork Canyon

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Battle of Fork Canyon
Part of the Supporter War
Date6 June 2015
Result KUR defeat; supporters advance on Utah Territory
Kid United Republic Pro-Liberland supporters
Commanders and leaders
Jackson Cole
Captain Steve Strong
John Summers
13 23

The Battle of Fork Canyon was a battle between the Kid United Republic and supporters of the Free Republic of Liberland not directly affiliated with the Liberlandian government. It was held on 6 June 2015 within KUR territory.

It started as reports by an agent asking two KUR mercenary troops to investigate a sighting of several Liberland supporter bases, after which the Fort ordered an investigation in Black Smith Fork Canyon in Logan, Utah. Following which the agent said, fire and out of no where an ambush fired on unprepared troops. Two of which had a minor heat exhaustion and one had a asthma attack, later to be reported in the emergency room at a nearby hospital. Others received minor injuries with many cuts and bruises. Captain Richards ordered a retreat and all Kid United Army personal evacuated. Liberland supporters then took KURA bases in the Black Smith Fork Canyon and received many left supplies.

The Battle of Fork Canyon was the second military confrontation in the Supporter War, and the first Liberland Supporter attack on KUR troops.