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Batyr Bloc
Territories of the founding Batyr Bloc members
Territories of the founding Batyr Bloc members
Language(s)English and Dutch
4 participant states
Establishment2 November 2020

The Batyr Bloc, also known as the BB4 and formerly the BB5 or BB6, is a loose diplomatic bloc, micronational sector and sphere of influence composed of nations with strong historical ties and affiliated with the MicroWikia community, Konmalehth and Nedlando-Khorașan. The bloc was formed, by the nations of Brennonia, Hasanistan, Mahuset, Nedland and Pacifica.[1] Its member nations claim territories in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

The aim of the Batyr Bloc is to enhance diplomatic co-operation, promote collaboration through projects and events, mutually support national cultural and economic development and preserve the shared ties and relationships of participants. Its structure is inspired by organisations such as the G7, G20, BRICS and Developing-8.[1] The bloc aims to hold regular summits to discuss issues of shared concern or interest, both online and potentially physically in the future, and held its first in 2020.


The basis of the bloc derives from the strong diplomatic and cultural ties developed between the founding participants, with numerous areas of co-operation and cultural exchange already pre-existing among them. The oldest relationship among participating states is between Hasanistan and Mahuset, which dates back to early 2013.[2] Hasanistan and Mahuset's relationship has been described as a de facto alliance, and have a past of international co-operation in the World Union, Association of Prolific Micronations, Konmalehth and numerous bilateral areas. The second oldest cultural relationship is between both Mahuset and Hasanistan with the spiritual predecessors of Pacifica led by Shady Morsi, also dating back to 2013. Brennonia is considered as the newest link within the Batyr Bloc's sphere of nations, being the youngest nation and beginning its relationships with the other participant states relatively later. However, Brennonia developed strong diplomatic ties with Hasanistan and Mahuset during their period of membership within the Konmalehth and soon became a close ally to both.

In addition, strong cultural links have always existed between the participating nations and there is a significant amount of shared citizenry between them. The founders and current heads of state of the participating nations all share close friendships, even having historically co-operated as citizens in other micronations such as Abelden and Pavlov.

Concepts similar to the Batyr Bloc seeking a multilateral relationship had been proposed by Hasanistan, Nedland and Mahuset since 2016, such as a reformation of the World Union or a political union, and became more prominent in 2020. Prior to the conclusive private negotiations leading to the foundation of the organisation in October and November, the heads of state of Nedland, Hasanistan and Brennonia had all privately discussed the idea.


In October 2020, private negotiations between the heads of state of the five future founding members were held to agree on the exact nature of a multilateral relationship between them in which they agreed on a potential structure. They held their first summit on 2 November, whereby they agreed on the bloc's formation under the previously agreed arrangements and the beginning of certain international projects like a multinational press association.[1]

On 22 November, Norrland was approved by the other members to become part of the bloc due to its close ties to Nedland and its leader's association with Hasanistan.[3]

Two of the original founding members dissolved, Nedland and Pacifica, effectively leaving the bloc composed of Mahuset, Hasanistan, Norrland and Brennonia.

Participating nations and partners

Former participant states

Projects and events

List of summits

# Date Host Summit Chair Venue Attending
1st 2 November 2020  Hasanistan Hasan Çakar Online
2nd TBA (in 2021 or 2022)  Brennonia TBA Online

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