Blue Star Islands

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The Blue Star Islands (Full name: The Reformed Republic of the Blue Star Islands / Dutch: Gereformeerde Republiek der Blauwe Ster Eilanden) is a micronation in the Antarctic continent. The country claims 4 small islands in the east of the snowy continent. Currently the country has 4 inhabitants, all living in the Dutch kingdom.


The micronation claims 4 islands east of Antarctica. Each island is a separate municipality. The names of the islands are: Penguin Mountain, Ice Rock, Moses Coast and Snow Market (from north to south). Snow Market is the main island. Why Snow Market has become the main island is unknown.

The coordinates of the islands are:

- Penguin Mountain: -66.400995, 162.292896 - Ice Rock: -66.567291, 162.613718 - Moses Coast: -66.787691, 163.041248 - Snow Market: -67.486085, 164.621567

Politics and government

The Blue Star Islands is led by the 23 year old Dutch Youri Koeman, first Great Leader and founder of the micronation. He has been the head of state since the foundation of the micronation of January 1, 2019. Under him is the Under Leader. He takes over the tasks of the Great Leader if he himself is unable to control the country (think of sickness, holidays, etc.) The micronation itself is not recognized by any country within the United Nations. However, it is affiliated with micronational organizations such as the Micronational World, the World Micronational Committee, the Western Defense and Trade Pact and a few other organizations. Since March 7, 2019 it is also affiliated with The Trident Alliance.


The Blue Star Islands has a population of 4 inhabitants. All live in the Netherlands.


The state religion of the Blue Star Islands is Reformed Protestantism. 3 of the 4 inhabitants (including the Great Leader) have been Reformed. 1 of the 4 inhabitants is Catholic.