Brandon Jacobs

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Brandon Jacobs
SEE (Post-Humous)
Lord of Kino-Alaria
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Unknown
Parliament Member, Ela'r'oech
Predecessor Vacant
Successor Vacant Permanent Member As Part Of Post-Humous Award
Personal information
Born 12 May 2005
Miami, Florida
Died 25 December 2020(2020-12-25) (aged 15)
Miami, Florida
Citizenship  United States
Nationality w:United States American
Political party Republican Party USA
Autopeman Party Runnymede
Residence Da'a'ck Providence, Kino-Alaria
Religion Nondenominational Christian

Brandon Jacobs was a micronationalist acting as president of Kino-Alaria. He was mostly known in the community among those in Runnymede and LENS. He was an active supporter of Charles Madgett and his beliefs, of which were mainly Conservative. He was born on May 12, 2005 and died on December 25, 2020. He was the owner of the Ela'r'oech News Source, before passing that over to Anthony Ramirez III, former leader of Alaria and brother of Anthony Ramirez II, leader or Alaria and founder of Neo-Alaria.

Political Advocacy

Jacobs was an often vocal supporter of Charles Madgett, Ela'r'oech and the LENS. He was heavily involved in Ela'r'oech's political process, as well as attempting to mostly Keep the Peace between Ela'r'oech and Runnymede. His vocal support was mainly used best when Charles Madgett ran for office, or there was some event in Ela'r'oech or Runnymede.

He also had his own work, such as attempts to join Runnymede's government as a politician, however he was turned down. He attempted to join other micronations as well to no avail.

Private Micronation

He created a micronation first called Kino-Alaria around 2019 or 2020. This was before Ela'r'oech was founded. It was a small micronation of 5, him and 4 friends. He kept this to himself and those friends until the Kino-Alarian War, which was a war between Alaria and Kino-Alaria. There was later a peace treaty signed in February 2020 that in exchange for no more fighting, Kino-Alaria would lost 3 of it's 5 citizens, they would quit micronationalism all together, and Jacobs would force Kino-Alaria into isolationism. All conditions were met with the other citizen allowed to stay being Charles Madgett, who was the only other citizen without holding residence as he lived in Florida and had begun another nation, ACBekistan - which would evolve into Ela'r'oech - over Discord.

Accidental Breaking of the Agreement

On December 23, Kino-Alaria was referenced in a conversation between Jacobs, Madgett, and another member of the micronational community whom is yet to be named. This resulted in Anthony Ramirez II and III becoming extremely upset and angry towards Jacobs. Alaria had since refuted the conditions after Jacobs' death, however the extremist factions in Alaria have then stated that after it is decided who will lead it, both will instantly attempt to take over Kino-Alaria and Ela'r'oech.

Awards and Honours

Brandon received many awards and honours, most being Foreign and Posthumous.

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