Bungalow Boom

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Bungalow Boom
Known forsitting on the throne
PredecessorPuss'n Boots (Marqués de Carabas)
OwnerHRH Prince Eugenio II

Bungalow Boom is a domesticated cat of European origin. Born on 15-VI-2008 in Madrid, Spain. According to him, he is an descendant of Puss'n Boots and claims to be the "Marquis of Carabas". He has 2 brothers; Chalet with blue eyes, and Piso with green eyes. Bungalow himself is special and has one blue and one green eye Heterochromia He says he could not decide which colour he liked better, so he decided on having one of each. Boom feels he needs to be worshipped (Gatolicismo), but he seems to be out of luck in that department, when it comes to his owner Prince Eugenio II. Nonetheless, he is very sociable (he welcomes everybody that comes to visit the castle) and he is one big lovely chaterbox. However: He is the 'Worst hunter in the world' (according to Guinnes book of world records!).


Boom eats both wet and dry cat food, however he prefers wet cat food, and, is mostly an indoor cat who likes to lie right on top of you or anything you are working on. Boom does not go outside, unless it is sunny. (he hates water with a passion!) And if he does go outside he lies right in front of the door in the sun and does not go any farther. His favorite pastime is sleeping (on the bed, if not, on top of you.)

The Coup of Boom

photographic evidence of the coup?
the royal cup bearer

Once upon a time, Boom sat/lay on the throne of HRH the prince. It was noticed by Parlement and Boom was asked to sit somewhere else. Which he boldly refused. (He even dared to hiss, as a complain! The audacity!) This was taken as a sign that Boom wanted to take the throne for himself. Quicly the news of the coup spread all over the kingdom. Parlement even accused Boom of a coup against the Prince. Taking it calmly, the prince demanded an indepent inquiry, that would look into this serious case. The inquiry was started to find out who else was involved in the coup. Parlement demanded that Boom be exiled from the country! Boom was quickly locked up in the house, which he did not seem to care. (Some blatent disrespect for authority!) After some time of investigation and many inquieries (which Boom seemed to ignore totally, by sleeping right through it all.), finally the accused was awake and was immediately interegated. The only answer the court got, was "Meow" with big eyes of cuteness staring back at the judges. Here after the devendant came lying in the lap of His majesty and started purring! What was discovered, was that really nobody was involved in a coup. How could that be? Was there not photographic evidence backing up the claim? Yes! However, the inquiries finding concluded: "We have found that nothing illegal has actually taken place. Instead of Boom staging a coup, the loyal royal cat has been protecting the throne! Boom received a royal pardon and thereafter has received the position as "Royal defender of the throne". The Templar Kingdom is saved from a great disaster! Now he is famous, in the kingdom, for repeatedly laying on the throne of HRH. Boom is the only royal pet to have been officially allowed to sit on the throne of HRH the prince (surprisingly enough, he is also the only animal, HRH has, aswel as being his favourite.)

Royal Cup Bearer

Besides Being the "Royal defender of the Throne, does Boom occupy at times (only when it pleases him, ofcourse) the office of "Royal Cup Bearer", making sure nobody poisons HRH the prince! Lucky enough, no attempts on the live of His Majesty has been made, otherwise Boom would have to go to heaven and get his "9 Lives" card stamped, before he returns.

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