Caïd Post Bank

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Caïd Post Bank
Government-owned corporation
Traded asCPEC
IndustrySaving Banking
FounderFrancesc Julià de Caïdot
Area served
Key people
Nendo Nook(CEO)
Sol Pelikan(Chair)
ServicesRetail Banking,
Commercial Banking
OwnerRepublic of Caïd
Number of employees
ParentCaïd National Post Services (100%)

The Caïd Post Bank (Catalan: Caixa Postal de Caïd) is a large saving bank in the Republic of Caïd, specialised in commercial banking and retail banking, its the largest financial institution in Caïd.

Founding of the Bank


The bank was founded in 1923 as National Saving Bank (in Catalan: Caixa Nacional d'Estalvis), giving several mortgages and loans to people in the Republic of Caïd with the aim of serving as the country's popular savings bank. Later, in 1981, the bank changes his name to the actual name: Caïd Post Bank (in Catalan: Caixa Postal de Caïd). During the dictatorship, the bank was an important point of power for the regime.

Recent developments


Corportation structure


The parent company of the Caïd Post Bank is the Caïd National Post Services commonly known as Correus de Caïd (Caïd Post). The owner of the whole conglomerate is the Government of Caïd.

The CEO of the entity is usually from the democratic stage the Minister of Finance.


Generally, the bank's services are usually provided through ATMs, although there is also the possibility of personalized service.