Calendar of Dranoria

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The Calendar of Dranoria, featuring various days of observance, is influenced by various Australian, Aerican, and other global holidays and niftydays, its predecessor Optima, and has a few original days of observance.


Month Day Holiday Description Origin
January 1 New Year's Day International
2 Hang Out With Jason Day Descended from a note on Jeremy Oakes' phone dating from pre-micronational times. Optiman
22 Bacon Day Dranorian
26 Barbecue Appreciation Day Intentionally coincides with and is celebrated in a similar fashion to Australia Day. Australian, Optiman
February 1 May Day Celebrates the works of German writer Karl May. Optiman
April 22 Inanimate Objects Day Celebrates inanimate objects and their various uses. Aerican
25 ANZAC Day Originally honoured the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought at Gallipoli during World War I, now commemorates by extension the service of all who have participated in military operations. Australian, New Zealand
May 4 Star Wars Day "May the fourth be with you" International
2nd Friday Constitution Day Commemorates the signing of Dranoria's first constitution. Dranorian
25 Towel Day Celebrates the works of Douglas Adams. International
June 1 Oopsy-Sparkles Day Commemorates the approximate date of the first use of the expression "oopsy-sparkles". Optiman
14 Bastille Day Adapted to celebrate democracy in general. French
August 2nd Thursday Melon Day Turkmen
September 19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day Participants talk in a stereotypical pirate accent, possibly accompanied by appropriate dress or other mannerisms. International
October 26 Topin Wagglegammon Celebrated in a significant portion of the micronational community as a day for frivolity. Aerican
November 11 Remembrance Day Commemorates those who have died in military service for their country. Commonwealth of Nations
December 25 Consumerismmas Alternative celebration to Christmas. Dranorian

Optiman calendar

In addition to the Dranorian calendar, Optima has some days of observance not celebrated nationally.

Month Day Holiday Description Origin
January 2 Procrasinator's Day An additional day to recover from New Year's festivities. Aerican
3 Snappy Comeback Day Commemorates Oscar Wilde saying "I have nothing to declare, except my genius". Aerican
8 Emperor Norton Day Celebrates Emperor Norton as a contributor to micronational culture. American, Aerican
10 Peculiar People Day For people who don't go anywhere else but are silly enough to merit having their own day. Aerican
February 27 Oops Day Commemorates the day the Tower of Pisa became the Leaning Tower of Pisa Aerican
March 2nd Monday Japan Day A day to celebrate Japanese culture, food, and film. Optiman
12 Chancellor's Day From the birthday of Optima's first Chancellor (then President), Reuben Howe. Optiman
19 What the Hell is That Day Commemorates the first recorded eclipse of the sun. Aerican
April 5 Prince's Birthday Date placed from the birthday of Optima's first Prince, Jeremy Oakes Optiman
June 23 EOFYS End of Financial Year Season/Soirée, adapted from an imaginary holiday referenced by companies such as Apple and Foxtel in various advertisements Optiman, Australian, American
July 7
2 Prime Minister's Day Optiman
September 17 Jovial Day Anniversary of the Pimplegian surrender in the Acne-Ridden War, one condition of which being the Optiman annexation of Jupiter. Optiman
21 Earth, Wind & Fire Night Reference to the song September Optiman
Optober October is officially called Optober in Optima.
12 International Moment of Frustration Scream Day At approximately noon, people are encouraged to go outside and scream loudly for stress relief. Aerican
20 Optima Day Anniversary of the foundation of Optima. Optiman
The weekend of the Saturday closest to Optima Day is celebrated as Optima Weekend. Optiman
30 Wish We Hadn't Done That Day Commemorates the broadcast of War of the Worlds. Aerican
December 24 Chrismass Eve Optiman
25 Chrismass Described as "a day to exchange gifts, eat various festive foods, and ponder the ineffable will of Chris the King." Optiman
26 Boxing Day A day to box, not to be confused with The Other Boxing Day. Optiman
28 Lunch Day Calculated to be the day on which the average family will use up the last of the leftovers from Chrismass dinner. Optiman