Free Principality of Carrassia

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The Free Principality of Carrassia
(Italian): Libero Principato di Carrassia
Flag of Free Principality of Carrassia
Coat of arms of Free Principality of Carrassia
Coat of arms
Motto: Vinum bonum et suave
Anthem: TBD
Official languagesEnglish, Italian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
• Queen
• Great Chancellor
Vacant (formerly Liam Sinclair)
LegislatureNAME of legislature
EstablishmentAugust 19, 2008
CurrencyTerriso Carrassiano (CRT)
Time zoneUTC +1

Carrassia is a "micronation", a sort of political exercise representing what people would like a nation to be. But is also a game in which people enjoy ourselves inventing without any constraint but one: the result (although funny) should be realistic enough. Carrassi is the name of the quarter some of the citizens of Carrassia live, and from this denomination, we stemmed the name of our Free Principality.

Carrassia has no real geophysical territory, it does not have any claim on any part of the globe. Carrassia, on the other hand, has strong claims (and would fight to defend that) on the mental space of every citizen, created free and free to imagine her/his territory as s/he likes it. This funny political exercise has become necessary when all around the real-world social and human landscape is rapidly getting rotten.

Complete name

  • Libero Principato di Carrassia
  • Pringipät' Lìbbêr' d'Cârrâss
  • Libre Principauté de Carrassie
  • The Free Principality of Carrassia


Carrassia is a Constitutional Monarchy. The King and the Queen together are guarantors of the Constitution and appoint the Great Chancellor (head of the central government). The charges of local governments (provincial and municipal government) are assigned by universal suffrage. The independence of the judiciary power is guaranteed by the Law Courts (one seat in each Province) and by the Supreme Court, whose members are elected by all the judges and public prosecutors belonging to each Law Court. The Supreme Court can impeach the King or the Queen (or both) and the representatives of the government (both local and central).

Foundation date

The idea of an imaginary state (Kennedya) came to King Antonio I in 1976 but can't remember the day. The creation of Carrassia was anyway decided by the King and the Queen in June 2008.

Official currency

Carrassian coins
Carrassian banknotes

The Carrassian Therrys (CRT) divided into in 100 Saleepches (Têrrìs' - Salippêc') (Thèrise - Salipc) (Terriso - Salipci) 1 CRT = 1 EUR The currency is issued by BNPC "Banca Nazionale del Principato di Carrassia" (Carrassian Principality National Bank) unique banking institution admitted in the Principality.


The coin pieces available at the moment are:

  • 1 Saleepch
  • 2 Saleepches
  • 5 Saleepches
  • 10 Saleepches
  • 50 Saleepches
  • 1 Therryis
  • 2 Therryises


The available banknotes are:

  • 5 Therryises
  • 10 Therryises
  • 50 Therryises
  • 100 Therryises
  • 500 Therryises

National language

The official language is Italian. In most areas of the country the Carrassian language is spoken (currently the language is not official and is being codified). Ethnical minorities such as French and English are allowed to keep their languages.


No religion is either favored or preferred by the State. All the religions are allowed as far as their theory and practice do not interfere with the freedom of every single citizen and do not go against the laws of the State. The Constitution repudiates any kind of reciprocal denigration or conflict between religious groups, and the criminal code prosecutes this behavior as an indictable offense.


General Information

Carrassia is based on an island and the surrounding small archipelago. It is made up of the main island and some small islands called "Îles Royales" (today National Park: Île de la Reine and Île du Roi. municipality of Port-la-Reine) and the Spundone a high tower of rocks (470 m) coming out of the sea in front of the city of Marinia protecting from the south the Gulf of Mirlentaun.

Physical Map of the Free Principality of Carrassia


The territory of Carrassian Island is characterized by wide plains, never higher than 100 m. above the sea, backed by a mountain ridge which in some points raises above 1000 m. In the Monte del Sud Province the top of Monte Gufo (Owl Mountain) reaches 1048 m, the Monte del Nord Province is dominated by two peaks: Lama Centrale ("Central Blade" 1285 m) and Lama del Nord ("Northern Blade" 1204 m).


The Carassian hydrographic system is characterized by 4 rivers and 2 lakes. The longest river is the Mirlen which springs out of the Lama del Nord and flows into the Gulf of Mirlentaun after having gone through the plains of Kennia. The second river is the Gufo which springs out of the Monte Gufo, goes into the Lago di Iuliana, and after flows into the Baia del Grifone north of Griffenburg. Also from Monte Gufo springs out the Griffen which, after going through Zanne, the capital of Monte del Sud divides entering the Aragonese plain generating the Petite Griffen flowing into the sea at Griffenburg while the main branch of the river flows into the sea south of the Aragonese capital. The Loppo river springs from Lama di Mezzo in the di Monte del Nord Province. At the beginning two distinct rivers are flowing towards the Lago di Varvara: the Piccolo Loppo, shorter, flows into the lake southeast of the town and the Grande Loppo, longer, enters the lake north of Varvara. The Loppo comes out of the Varvara lake as a unique river to flow into the homonymous fiord wumping into the sea from 200 metri forming the scenographic falls of the salto del Loppo.

Carrassian Rivers

Mirlen 210
Gufo (influent of the Iuliana Lake) 80
Gufo (effluent of the Iuliana Lake) 33
Griffen 64
Petite Griffen 23
Loppo (effluent of the Varvara Lake) 22
Grande Loppo (influent of the Varvara Lake) 51
Piccolo Loppo (influent of the Varvara Lake) 30

Cartographic Institute

The Carrassian Cartographic Institute (ICC - Istituto Cartografico Carrassiano), officially established by royal decree on March 31, 2009, is the public institution responsible for monitoring and mapping the entirety of Carrassian territory. The ICC is the only authority officially recognized for all the issues about the geography of the Principality. The ICC headquarters are in Mirlentaun, Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 165, (C. Columbus Seafront), ICC has decentralized offices in each Provincial Capital.

Administrative divisions

Carrassia is divided into 4 Provinces. Each Province is in turn divided into Municipalities. In total there are 20 Municipalities as shown in the table below.

Carrassian Provinces
Provinces Municipalities
Bicocca (BI)
Oliveira (OL)
Marasca (MC)
Marinia (MR)
Tramino (TR)
Boudinville (BO)
Iuliana (IU)
Port-la-Reine (PO)
Torrenova (TO)
Loppo (LO)
Pignatella (PI)
Rafano (RA)
Rosinara (RO)
Marilena (ML)
Sette Clave (SC)
Villagufo (VI)

National sports

The national sports of Carrassia are Rugby (XV) and Baseball. All the other team-based and individual sports are played and enjoyed.