Chair of the Konmalehth

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Chair of the Konmalehth
Final officeholder
Nicholas Kaos

Elected 21 April 2020
AppointerRepresentatives of the Konmalehth
Term length3 months
Inaugural holderNicholas Kaos
Formation6 October 2018
Final holderNicholas Kaos
Abolished18 July 2020
DeputyVice Chair of the Konmalehth

The Chair of the Konmalehth was the chief executive officer of the Konmalehth. The Chair was the senior of two executives, the other being the Vice Chair. The Chair had most of the administrative power within the organization. The Chair was instigator of most proposals towards the rest of the quorum and acted as a regulatory party within the quorum due to the unique structure of the Konmalehth.

At the time the Konmalehth was dissolved, the Chairman was Nicholas Kaos of the Kingdom of Verus.


The Chair was mentioned in the first drafts of the Konmalehth Articles as written by Nicholas Kaos and Stephen Freayth. The Chair had the same general power as specified in the Konmalehth Articles from 2017 and, until the organisation's dissolution, continued to operate in largely the same way. On 6 October 2018, when the Konmalehth was first officially formed, Nicholas Kaos was installed as the first Chair of the Konmalehth.


The Chair was voted for every three months by the representatives making up the Konmalehth. At the end of each Chair's three month term, representatives vote for their preferred candidate.

List of Chairs

Portrait Name Nation Term of Office Total Term Notes
Nicholas Kaos High Empire of Pacem 6 October 2018
1 April 2019
177 days First Chair of the Konmalehth
Nicholas Randouler Principality of Posaf 1 April 2019
1 July 2019
91 days
Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy Confederation of Mahuset 1 July 2019
1 December 2019
153 days First Chair to be re-elected
Stephen Freayth Kingdom of Legatia 1 December 2019
1 February 2020
62 days
Thomas Bainbridge Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall 1 February 2020
21 April 2020
80 days
Nicholas Kaos Kingdom of Verus
(Later State of Pacem)
21 April 2020

18 July 2020

88 days Last chair elected before dissolution