Chairman of the Micronational Press Council

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Chairman of the MPC
Logo of the MPC

Current Chairman Lucas Campos
Since 21 January 2013
Term length Six months
Eligibility Anyone

The Chairman of the Micronational Press Council is the only officer in the MPC. Elections are held every six months, with each member entitled to cast one vote each. Voting is not compulsory. The position is unique in micronationalism as anyone is eligible to stand as a candidate. This is designed to be in line with the Council's values of openness, fairness and accountability.


The responsibilities of the Chairman include:

  • Chairing investigations into complaints;
  • Guiding MPC policy;
  • Moderating the Skype meeting room and online forum;
  • Being the public face of the Council; and
  • Ensuring the integrity and impartiality of the Council.


Number Picture Name Outlet Term start Term end Remarks
Gordon Freeman A1 News Service 15 March 2012 21 January 2013 Founder of the MPC and author of the original code of practice. Oversaw initial membership and setting up of the first elections.
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Lucas Campos St.Charlian Observer 21 January 2013 Incumbent Second Chairman of the MPC.