Champions' Cup

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Champions' Cup
Champions' Cup
Founded2014 (as M-League Cup)
Current championsCardinals M.F.C. (1st title)
Most successful club(s)Cardinals M.F.C. (1 title)
Television broadcastersDNA TV

The Champions' Cup is an end of season super cup played between the winners of the Online Soccar League and the Open Challenge Cup. The competition was offiginally founded as the M-League Cup in 2014 before rebranding to Champions' Cup for the 2015 season.

On November 17, 2014, the M-League hosted its inaugural championship, 2014 M-League Cup. Today the Champions' Cup is typically held in the last weekend of November featuring the winners of the Champions' Cup semi-final winners which itself is selected by the top two teams in the spring and summer leagues. The competition went into Hiatus between 2015 and 2016 following the collapse of the M-League.


Cardianls won the inaugural M-League Cup and so far only championship game, while Woking Dales also reached the final but lost in regular time. The playoff stage of the competition however was marred by the walkover by both Woking Dales and Cardinals over Royal City and Vyktory Dragons.


In 2014 the intended format of the M-League Cup was wavered to reflect the shortened season which only consisted of a single Autumn League instead of the later used Spring and Summer League format used thereafter.

The qualification into the Champions' Cup was specified in the M-League Constitutional Document as such; In the Premier Division the top two teams from each league would then qualify for the post season league cup, the Champions' Cup, which would run during the months following the end of the Summer League. If a team had already qualified in the Spring League then the next suitable team will qualify instead based on results in the combined table, the position will be called an additional wild card spot

In all divisions below the Premier Division only the top team from each league would then qualify, all teams are drawn in an unseeded draw. If an irregular number of teams have qualified due to withdraws, or lower division qualification places then preliminary matches will be held as necessary until the number of participating teams is corrected. Games are held over 1 leg with the first team draw being the game's host. If a game finished as a draw then penalties will be held immediately after the final whistle.

In 2017 with the formation of the Online Soccar League the format of the Champions' Cup was changed as the playoff structure of the M-League was abandoned. The now single legged fixture features the winners of the Online Soccar League and Open Challenge Cup in a super cup format similar to the Supporters Shield held in England between the winners of the Premier League and FA Cup.


Season Date Winner Score Runners–up Venue Broadcaster Notes
2014 M-League Cup November 17 Cardinals M.F.C. 4 - 1 Woking Dales M.F.C. Barnsbury Recreational Ground DNA TV Only Autumn League held, 2 walkovers in semi-final stage
2015 Champions' Cup Competition folded mid season, no game held (EA servers shut down)
2016 Champions' Cup Competition not reformed (Hiatus)
2017 Champions' Cup TBC TBC TBC TBC


Italics Team won the Autumn League (M-League Only)

Champions' Cup titles

By club

Club Won Runner-up Years won Years runner-up
Cardinals M.F.C. 1 0 2014
Woking Dales M.F.C. 0 1 2014

By Nation

Nation Won Runner-up Winning clubs Runner-up clubs
 United Kingdom 1 1 Cardinals M.F.C. (2014) Woking Dales M.F.C. (2014)

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